Thursday, September 16, 2010

Questions Answered

Inquiring minds want to know:
  • I am 12 weeks along give-r-take.
  • We are calling this baby Bidou in utero (just like we called Lu Baby Tad). Bidou is slang for a chubby belly in French.
  • Baby Bidou is due April 4th (evidently we like repeating birthdays – Lucy was almost born on 8/8, Bidou comes around 4/4… Maybe it’ll make remembering their birthdays easier when I’m senile.)
  • I have switched from by OB (who was fine but maybe not AWESOME) to a group of midwives in the area. So far? LOVE. They are completely laid back and chill and Your Body Knows What It’s Doing So Don’t Worry So Much and the complete opposite of my old OB group.
  • I would maybe have waiting a little longer before announcing the news to the whole Hoi Polloi, but I couldn’t hide my already huge belly from my co-workers anymore and I figure if my work peeps know, my support peeps should surely know too.
  • Part of the Laid Back Midwives deal means that I didn’t get an ultrasound at my first visit, and opted out of the silly screenings and whatnot that we're not at risk for and therefore I am (pretend) nervous that there’s two babies up in here. (There is really no chance that there are two. Unless I just jinxed myself.) Mostly just because I’d like to have an excuse for how positively enormous I already am. 12 weeks. Maternity pants. Come on. (FYI I've gained 2 pounds. I blame the lack of running mileage and not the behbeh, but you never know...)
In case you don't believe me: photographic evidence.
    • Lucy really doesn’t have any idea what’s going on pregnancy-wise, but she’s a pleaser. She likes to be funny and she likes the reactions when she tells people what they want to hear. At two years old, she’s already a flatterer and a feeler. So, I’m pretty sure she asks about her baby sister because she knows it makes us smile and laugh and give her smooches.
    • A big package of maternity clothes that I ordered came yesterday. God bless yoga pants! These should get me through the next sixish months. I'm 3 sizes smaller than with Lucy, so my clothes from Lucy's pregnancy are swimming on me. And besides that, I think I wore the same thing every single day from May to August with Lucy and was so sick of those three things that I just got rid of them. So! Replacements! Hooray!
    Anything else you need to know?


    Amy --- Just A Titch said...

    You look adorable, so happy for you!

    Elsha said...

    I think the belly is adorable. My favorite part is your expression though.

    Elizabeth said...

    All I know is that you are the cutest pregnant lady ever.

    Carrie said...

    Love the picture!!

    I know I've been teasing you about twins, but I was thinking about it later and it kind of makes sense that you seem bigger since you're so much thinner than you were with Lucy.

    Still so excited for you guys!

    Annie said...

    You are such a beautiful mommy and baby. Love that belly! And YAY for new maternity clothes! I never wore the clothes from my first pregnancy again - partially because I had a lot of work clothes and just didn't need those anymore, but also because I hated them with every ounce of my being. Every pregnant mommy deserves new clothes - I think they just make you feel better about everything.

    Kate P said...

    Cuteness! Your hair is cute, too!

    Julie said...

    You are so adorably petite except for that little round belly! You look fantastic! I hope you are feeling great, and glad you found a new midwife practice that makes you happy and comfortable!