Monday, September 6, 2010

Potty Talk

Tuesday afternoon last week, I asked Lucy, as I routinely have been, if she wanted to wear a diaper or Big Girl Pants. She chose Big Girl Pants. There were a couple of fits and starts as we figured out how we each were approaching this Big New Thing, but in the end? This was the easiest transition we've ever had.

Getting rid of the Nuk? Bad. New car? Bad. Big girl bed? Bad. But as a very wise friend once told me, when the kid is ready to do something on his own accord, the transition is a breeze. I'll be the very first one to admit that waiting for a kid to have her OWN idea about doing something you want her to do basically amounts to torture. But it sure it nice once it happens.

And thank God, right? I mean, really, it's about time some part of this parenting gig offered me some sort of instant gratification. I'm even more thankful knowing that some people end up cleaning poop off their floors for a week or two before things finally click for the little ones. Lucy had one pee accident on the floor all week. And. That. Was. IT.

We finally got the big bad Number Two in the potty by Friday (twice, even!), and by then we were golden. Well, except that when Daddy came home Friday night into Saturday there were an unprecedented number of wet pants incidents. It was just enough of a change to throw Lu off her game for a minute. But! The potty prevailed! And! I never had to clean poo off the floor or out of undies! Bonus!

I was so sure of things that we went out to church Sunday with Big Girl Pants on. I had to swallow some embarrassment as I ran out with a "GOTTA GO POTTY!" kid in the middle of the sermon, but you have to pay the piper somewhere along the way, right? And I'll take that over an accident to clean up, any day.

So, I'm pretty confident in saying that we're good here. I still carry around wipes and a diaper and a change of clothes with me when we go out, but so far so good! The only thing I regret is having had to spend the last nice week of summer weather cloistered in our house/yard close to the toilet. But ohmygoodness, it was so worth it.

See? Even Sonya Lee has to potty sometimes


Carrie said...

Good job, Lucy! I decided that I was brave enough to declare Ethan potty-trained as well, and we even cleaned the carpets this weekend. Which was very necessary, since he had lots of peeing on the carpet accidents before he got it. :) Lucy is such a rock star for catching on and sticking to it. Ethan will give her a huge high five next time he sees her :)

Dr. Maureen said...

Bitter. Envy. (And, ok fine, HAPPY FOR YOU. There, I said it.)

(Please note that I have had to clean up poop accidents more than once.)

-R- said...

You are a miracle worker!

Lindsay said...

Good job, Lucy!