Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Another Day

The Seattle Public Library had some pretty severe budget cuts in the last years, so every year all the libraries/websites/everything is shut down for a week or so around Labor Day. For our family? This is an extraordinarily long week.

The fast was broken yesterday, though, and we celebrated by spending basically all afternoon walking to the library, sitting and reading books and coloring pictures and playing with hand puppets and wooden puzzles, and walking home. It was an afternoon very well spent.

I was a little surprised, though, with how many parents dump their kids in the children's section and take off. As I was reading books quietly to Lucy, I attracted a small crowd of pre-schoolers and started to get very annoyed that I was basically free child care for their parents. Lucy echoed my feelings when a kid tried to push in front of her to see the picture on the book I was holding and Lucy said "This MY mommy. Go YOU mommy read to you." That's pretty much when we stopped reading and moved on to puzzles.

Lucy is aware of traffic signals, stop on red and all that. On our walk, I was explaining the Walk/Don't Walk signals. She watched them like a hawk and then would flip out when the Don't Walk started blinking yelling at random strangers, "NOT SAFE PEOPLE! NOT SAFE! DON'T CROSS!"

There's also an intersection between the library and home with a turn arrow. Stopped for the arrow was a cab with its windows down. As we were waiting to cross, the arrow turned green, but the cab seemed to be waiting for us to cross. The car behind him honked it's horn, and Lucy hollered at the cab driver, "GREEN MEANS GO, PEOPLE!" (The funny thing is, this honestly isn't something she hears me or the Bubba say.) I wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed or proud...

You can't accuse my kid of being shy or getting pushed around. She's nobody's fool.


Carrie said...

I love her. She is so funny!

I'm so excited about the return of the library too. When everything came back on line on Monday night I started twitching with excitement. I have big plans to go pick up books tonight!

Annie said...

"Go YOU mommy read to you!" That's awesome, Liz. Good for your little Lu. We went to the library two Fridays ago and only discovered after everyone was unloaded and we got all the way to the front door that it was closed. And is closed every Friday, a fact that I did not know. So we decided to stop at the bakery on the way back to the car and get a cookie. We all picked our cookies out at the case, added a few more for Daddy, went to the register, only to realize that since Mommy had only planned on going to the library the only card she grabbed from her purse was her driver's license and library credit card. (And you know what? The owner let us take our cookies home ANYWAY because she is JUST THAT AWESOME.) But I digress. The real reason I started this story was because the very next Friday? I loaded Chris up in the car for an afternoon adventure to the library while his brothers were sleeping. We got all the way there, all the way to the front door, only to realize AGAIN that the Library Is Closed On Fridays.

At least you just have your week and that's the end of things. Maybe we should move to Seattle.

Kate P said...

Your Lu knows what's what.

(Side note to Annie: a lot of libraries in my region had to choose a day out of the week to be closed, alternating with other branches. Saddening, isn't it?)

Lindsay said...

Lucy cracks me up. I love her personality. It's so much fun hearing about her growing up.