Sunday, August 1, 2010

Toy House: Great Success!

The toy house is done! Lucy's birthday is on Saturday, so it's just in time.

And it didn't even turn into a big heap of regret! Here, I'll show you.

Lucy working on HER "project" while I work on mine.

All painted, ready for door/window trim and flooring!


The outside, completed. (Front, side that opens)

Hinged at the chimney, I have yet to put a latch over the tree, but when I do, it will be all the way done.

With only one little hammer casualty!

I ended up buying 90% of the furniture to go in the doll house. I just got frustrated with the small pieces I tried to make. They didn't turn out very nicely because I just don't have the tools needed, and that's not an investment I need to make at this point!

The oven and fridge I found acceptable enough.

I ended up spending about $40 on toy furniture and little dolls, and that bumped the total price tag for this project $65. A little more than I wanted to spend, but all in all? a very wise investment as far as the interior goes!

All ready to play!


Carrie said...

Lizzie! That's gorgeous!

Tara said...

That is kind of..... AWESOME. I am so impressed!

Dr. Maureen said...

You are my hero. That is SO CUTE. She will love it!

Kate P said...

It is BEAUTIFUL. Lu is one lucky birthday girl.

Lisa said...

You shame me with your mad crafty skilz. I can't imagine doing something that awesome without DETAILED instructions.

Annie said...

WOW! That is awesome! She is going to have so many great memories from this...even greater because her mommy made it for her. Absolutely beautiful, Liz!