Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Out of Practice

My mom came to visit for a couple weeks and all I did was sit around and relax. Oh, I'm not complaining! It was delicious.

But I didn't blog. Not that you were on tenterhooks - or even noticed, right?

Well, even so, I will entertain the idea that you are mildly interested in whatever's going on simply because you're still here and haven't clicked away yet...


Highlights from the visit:
  • I had a partner with whom to drive around and check out houses. WAY more fun with someone else. And Lucy got into it too: "Let's look at houses! That one's CUTE! Nice FLOWERS!" (Also, when did my child turn into a thirty-year-old realtor? I should give her some pumps and a string of pearls and put her to work.)
  • Lucy was basically spoiled rotten with attention and ice cream and whatever else her little heart desired.
  • The Bubba and I ran a 10k race in Snoqualmie and Lucy stayed home with Grandma. It was so nice. Lucy got some time with just Grammie, and the Bubba and I had a whole morning to have a fun race and the way there and back to talk and be friends.
  • I did some creative meal planning, and Llama played and entertained the needy Lu-Beast that emerges from 4:30-7, so we had awesome home made meals every single day. Like koefte in home made pitas with a side of tabbouleh. My mouth is still watering.
  • I took a nap almost every single day.
  • I now have to get Lucy an iPhone
  • We bought more Big Girl Unders and Lucy's a little more interested in potty training. I'm ALMOST ready to make the time commitment. Maybe tomorrow.
  • I got to go shopping and get haircuts relax and drink lemonade and laugh and have a marvelous time with my mommy.


-R- said...

Yay for family visits!

Annie said...

Hooray for Mommy visits! Isn't it just wonderful to have those extra hands around to keep the little people busy and to allow you to do all those wonderful things like, I don't know, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF? Glad you had a good visit!

Anonymous said...

Lizzie ! I am addicted to your blog and am soooooo greatful that you are back into technology. Thanks
Dad Theiss

Kate P said...

Aw, what a great time with your Mom. Your hair looks fantastic (as usual).