Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Twenty Three

One more month to the twos!

This month has been super fun. We've been getting out of the house more, and, in Lucy's book, that always means good things.

Bubba and Lucy naming clouds

The Bubba and I celebrated our fifth anniversary on Friday and Lucy helped by going down to the market with us and picking out some kitchen gadgets at one of the stores down there and watching the buskers and flower arrangers, etc. The entire time, Lu's mouth was gaping and her head was on swivel. She's been to the market before, but she was really aware of everything this time and it looked like she didn't want to miss a trick.

The Fourth of July was pretty laid back. It rained for most of the afternoon this depressing misty drizzle, so there was no washers tournament or boules or outside anything. We grilled food and then we ate it. Really, that was about the extent of it. Lucy got to play with her little friend Violet, and we were all home and in bed by dusk. I forget how much light we get here in the summer time. Dusk is late - the fireworks at Gas Works didn't start until 10:20! We're lucky enough to be able to see most of them from our bedroom window, so we didn't miss out entirely. We promised Lucy maybe next year she'd see them.

And in true Seattle fashion, summer didn't start until this week. Now the weather report is warning us of temperatures in the 90s for the rest of the week. Yesterday, the first real summery day, the sun was coming in the kitchen window and making a bright warm patch on the linoleum. Lucy touched it with her bare feet and said "Mama! This WARM." And I said, "Um, yeah, it's the SUN." And Lucy galloped around in the sunny patch singing "Sun, sun, sunsunsun. Sun, sun, sunsunsun!" Like she never seen it before! I was kicking myself for not having the camera close because it was hilarious.

Lucy's also started telling jokes. She'll say "Ummmmmmm ..." And then say the first word that comes to mind like "PANTS!" and then she'll collapse into hysterical giggles. I can't help but laugh with her, but I'll be the first to admit the humor is a little beyond me.

Bwah hah hah hah!

This stage comes with new challenges too. Lucy can climb out of her crib easily now, and does it at will. It's about time for a big girl bed. I mean, if she's going to climb out anyway, I'd rather the bed be 10 inches off the ground instead of 40. And the frustration and acting out usually ends up with her screaming at me, which, of course, inspires words of patience in loving tones to leave my mouth. Ok, well, maybe I have some work to do there. But for the most part, Lucy and I are TIGHT.

Next up! TWO!


Kate P said...

So it IS possible to catch the elusive Lucyfish! :)

Lisa said...

Aaaahhh...two. Enjoy that...and the big girl bed. It's a challenge, but it's so fun to watch them tackle these milestones.