Monday, July 26, 2010


A Big Girl needs a Big Girl bed. That means my big girl is all done with her crib! Lucy's actual Big Girl Bed - the bed frame, I mean - will be delivered today or tomorrow. That will probably be another transition that I'm not really looking forward to, but until then, we've been getting her used to sleeping with the mattress and guard rail on the floor. As soon as we picked up the mattress from the store, I disassembled the crib so that there would be no choice but to move forward. For her AND for me.

Lucy helped with the tricky bolts

The first few nights were hard. Lucy has sort of a low Adaptability Quotient. In short, she's a fraidy cat. She's not a huge fan of change, of different, of new. I need to remember to break new things in for her slowly, and I don't often since I'm a sort of Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-My-Pants sort of person who thrives in ambiguity. Isn't that a funny part of parenting? Learning a new approach to life? ANYHOO, I digress.

She was fine playing on the mattress on the floor decked out in new fairy princess sheets with her red Choo Choo blanket on top, but the suggestion of sleep? was very very sad. To boot, after she fell asleep, she would wake up sad a couple times a night, presumably because she was in a "strange place." But, we are still alive, and are here to say that the kinks have been mostly worked out, and there is sleep in our house again! (Thank you, Baby Jesus!)

Lucy still gets up around 5 (IN THE AY EM!) and the Bubba and I need to negotiate and plead and sometimes resort to using our Scary Scolding Voices to get her to lay back down or at least play quietly in her room until a DECENT HOUR, but hey! She's going to bed without much incidence!

Hopefully the timing of the sleeping will iron out (very very soon) and we'll all be so much happier. Oh, don't you worry - I'll keep you posted!

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Kate P said...

My niece would love those cute fairy sheets! Sweet dreams, Lu. (And Mom & Dad.)