Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Toy House

I'm super picky about buying toys for Lucy. Maybe that's one of the reasons she has so few. She has a music table and a ride-on toy, but other than that, all of her toys fit into one small box. And of this small selection, she actually plays with a smaller selection. So, you know, I'm not anxious to run out and buy her tons of stuff when she can be happy for an hour putting blocks in her "purse" and "going to the grocery store for milk" or driving her matchbox cars up and down the sofa.

For her birthday, I wanted to splurge a little bit, though, and buy her a doll house. At a friend's house she spend a good chunk of time putting the dollies to bed and getting them up again and giving them a bath, and repeat ad nauseam. I thought "What a great present for a two year old!" Thus started the Quest for the Perfect Dollhouse.

My criteria are these:
  1. Must have openy - closey things
  2. Must be small enough that it doesn't take up prime real estate in my Living Space
  3. Must be cute and/or cool (read: wood or really nice even if it's plastic)
  4. Must have parts big enough to have around smaller babies
  5. Must fit into my (meager) budget
Within the scope of this research, The Perfect Dollhouse does not exist. Sad face. Disappointment reigns. What now? Now I'm positively STUCK on this idea, and I can't think of any other birthday present that might even be somewhat appropriate.

So, like any good perfectionist, I drew up some plans for an openy-closey smallish dollhouse. And then I went to Lowes and spend $20ish on materials.

Off I go!
A million library books on dollhouses, my plans taped to the wall!

If it doesn't turn into a big pile of Why Did I Think This Was A Good Idea? I'll let you see the finished project!


Anonymous said...

Ask your brother! He is a woodworking fool!!! I am lovin the fruits of his labours!

Lisa said...

I could never be that build my own dollhouse! You are the craft genius.

Kate P said...

Cool! I used a bookcase as a dollhouse when I was a little kid and then my mom worked with a neighbor-mom to build one for me for Christmas. It's neat to have one made just for you. Best wishes for a successful building project!!!