Monday, July 12, 2010

Lucy OK

This morning Lucy and I went for a run. I try to keep the runs with her relatively short, because, let's face it, it would suck to be strapped down anywhere for long. Especially for a ... shall we say Energetic almost-two-year-old. But this morning she was being so good and waving to everyone we passed and singing cute songs to herself I went about 6.5 miles, just over an hour. She was such an angel.

And when we got home, I turned PBS kids on and settled her onto her little cushion so that I could shower. This ability is only about two months old, so every time it happens I'm feel as lucky as the first time. I have yet to take this little bit of freedom for granted. (As an aside, if you ask Lucy when Super Why comes on, she'll tell you "When Mama showers.")

I told Lucy that I was going to take a shower and that I would only be a minute. She came to the bathroom, presumably to make sure that showering was indeed my intent and I wasn't actually going to run outside quick and do something fun. And I said "You gonna be ok? I'll keep the door open for you and if you need me I'll just be right here in the tub, you can come see." She replied "Um, how 'bout let's close the door. Lucy watch TV. Mama shower. Lucy ok." with vigorous head nodding and self agreement. I am blown away by how grown up she is sometimes.


Shelby said...

Too cute! I love it!

Lisa said...

That would be the point, in my house, where I'd get suspicious and wrack my brain for what kind of trouble she is thinking of finding.