Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Photos: Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

Summer finally came to Seattle! We're so happy that we're spending every waking moment outside trying to soak up every drop of sun.

All long and lean. Where'd my BABY go?

It's been 90 degrees for most of the week, and it looks like next week starts the 70s and breezy days that make summer in Seattle the most amazingy wonderful and beautiful place on this planet.

I set up the drink buckets with water and filled the sand table, and when we're not out and about, you'll find us in the yard: Mama with a library book, Lucy getting dirty!

The garden gets some TLC from my Little.


Manda said...

My goodness she looks so TALL! Just read your tweet about big girl beds ... oh dear. We're not quite there yet. I hope the crib lasts A LOT longer!

Kate P said...

She looks as if she's having a ton of fun!

Ooh! And what are you reading??? :)

Lisa said...

Summer's great. A bathing suit, a backyard and a little water, and a kid can keep herself happy for HOURS. And the TV stays off most of the day. Love it!