Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday photos: Catching Up. Again.

This week has flown by. Mostly because I'm so dang tired. Really, it's a perfect storm of me being super tired - slash - under the weather, the Bubba being super duper busy at work, and Lucy being full of piss and vinegar because of these nasty two year molars pushing their way in. We're none of us in the best of moods these days. But let's not dwell! Instead, I offer for your viewing pleasure some cuteness:

Enjoying the swings at Neighborhood Playground

Running bases: Tire the toddler out? Check!

*insert funny thought caption here*

I'm a total sucker for the clearance toys at discount stores. I got this little train set for $9, and it's Lucy's ALL TIME FAVORITE TOY EVER. It's the kind that you pull it back and it goes around the track a couple times on its own. Lucy will painstakingly build an awesome "station" for this train over and over. It's pretty awesome.

Carrying Lu down to the laundry in my IKEA/laundry bag.
As you can see, she's thrilled.

We hope you have a great weekend!


Carrie said...

The IKEA bag picture is too funny!

Hope you get some sleep soon and feel better. Let me know when you're free and we'll plan an outing.

Kate P said...

Swings are awesome. What a nice park that looks like. I just found out today how much those IKEA bags can hold, so I am not totally surprised you could fit stringbean Lu in there!