Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It's already June, even though I'm still looking around wondering where April went. And my Little is twenty twomonths old now.

This month, Lucy's been fine tuning a whole bunch of language, and growing taller and taller, and packing on the ... grams? She doesn't seem to get any thicker, but somehow her ankles and wrists are always hanging out of her clothes.

Lucy has this super endearing habit of adding her subject with her subject pronoun. She'll say "Taste it, the dinner!" or "Under it, the tunnel." Or my favorite "He's laying down, the doggie." I guess she's just making up for the fact that she's started to correctly say "me" indicating herself instead of "you." About 80% of the time, she'll now say "Daddy! Sit by ME!" And then I die because she sounds so big like she's calling a friend over to her table at the school cafeteria.

She will put four and five word sentences together into entire paragraphs. The other day she grabbed her purse full of blocks and said "Bye bye, Mama! Going to work!" and I, of course replied "Have a good day! Oh, could you stop and get some milk on your way home?" She paused for a good long minute and then said "First go to work inna office choo-choo. AND THEN go inna grocery store, ride in the Beep-Beep [car cart]. Get the BLUE milk, no want RED milk, put inna Beep-Beep. Put milk inna new car." And I was all, "Here are the keys. Hop to it. I'll be here eating bon-bons and filing my nails."

Oh, and remember last month when I was keeling over from the cuteness of the singing? This month it's even better. Get this - Sunday night we got serenaded at dinner. (Excuse her in advance for the food-in-the-mouth-singing-anyway bits.)

That song is basically the anthem of the Northwest.
Do you remember this video?! She's grown up so much!

You're welcome!

And my all time favorite:

I'm not even sure how to transcribe that. Hayawawa? Awuyuwa Wuh?

Happy 22 months, Birdie.


Kate P said...

She speaks a bit like Yoda, doesn't she? I love the singing. "Yaaaay!"

Lisa said...

SO CUTE! I can't believe she's just this little person now with such personality!!