Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On Neediness and Nerd Speak

Lucy has been, ummmmmmm, needy lately. She doesn't like playing by herself, she doesn't like not talking directly to me, she doesn't like looking at books without me reading the words. In short, she is a little attention hog. I can no longer have 10 minutes to myself or even time to cook dinner. Lucy is constantly pulling at my pants and "Up PLEASE!"ing and "Lucy SEE it!"ing. And I'm full of patience with my "GAH, Stop talking to me, child!"

Which makes me think that Lucy needs a little sibling, like, yesterday. Someone to help her deal with the fact that maybe not everything has to be All Lucy All The Time. Or to, you know, force her into that. And then again - another baby? Who in their right mind...? How the heck...?

ANYWAY, I think the neediness partially stems from the weird schedule for the month of May. I've been working a lot of evenings and Sundays, and Lu is just a real stickler for routine.

Yesterday I realized how far out of her routine I have gotten when I gave her her nightly bath (for the first time in ???) and I let the water out. Mistake number one. Evidently, LUCY lets the water out. Ok, ok, lesson learned. Then she says "Bye, bye water!" (normal) and then, "There goes the VORTEX, Mama!"

Oh dear Lord, child, you've been spending altogether too much time with your father.


Carrie said...

Love the vortex comment!

And the 2nd child does NOT improve the "all me all the time" thing. Makes it worse, actually :)

Manda said...

Who in their right mind? I AGREE. (and thanks a lot Carrie ... now I'm totally screwed)

-R- said...

That is the cutest!

Kate P said...

All right! A fifty-cent word!

Neediness at home and neediness at work, too, I'm guessing--that must be hard sometimes.