Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twenty One

This month has been BUSY! I find that working that little extra is enough to make me just done by the end of the day, and I have no energy to write here. Well, and I started a running journal that I kind of blab in, so that sort of satisfies my immediate need to write. Mostly because nothing is going on in my life except work 1: Lucy + household/family maintenance, work 2: other job work, running.

That said, I did promise you a 21 month update. This month has been an amazing explosion of recognizing symbols. Lucy started recognizing letters when we went to Wisconsin, and ever since she sees letters EVERYWHERE. Just in the past week, the scope has widened to numbers. She'll look at a poster and say "O! Right there! One, two O's!" Or M's or T's or whatever it is she sees. Or most often, all of them.

She even started WRITING letters. And because this is the perfect forum for self-absorbed bragging, I will show you:

"C" "M"

"Q" "K" (on the right)

In related news, we started the Harvard tuition fund.

Maybe my favorite new development is that songs have intelligible words all of a sudden. Like this one:

Maybe you recognize the alphabet theme going on around here.

As long as I'm lazy blogging and posting video, here's some more: Lucy and Bubba reading "I Am a Bunny".


At the end you are introduced to her new bedtime routine "ONE BOOK! ONE BOOK AGAIN! ONE MORE BOOK, OKAY." She also lengthened the routine by saying goodnight not only to cars and toys and whatnot as usual, but also to red cars and blue cars and big trucks and little toys, etc. You get the picture.

When I give her a kiss she automatically chirps "Love you, too, Mama!" (best EVER) and when she hands something to me she says "You're welcome!" All of a sudden she'll tell me she likes things or doesn't like it, or that she wants something or doesn't want it. All day long I hear "Piece of cake, Mama?" while she cuts and serves her play cake or "Mama THIRSTY, Lucy make tea!"

I might get a little tired of it on any given day, but boy, it sure is cute.


Kate P said...

I heard the "One book!" That is hilarious. Lu, I have the same problem and I'm a grownup.

Lindsay said...

I'm with Kate. I have that problem, too.... :o)

Liz, she is so cute! Her hair is getting so long. She gets more beautiful by the day. She is just too sweet.