Wednesday, April 7, 2010


TWENTY months old! That’s almost TWO.


She’s still long and lean! I can't get that girl to gain much weight, but it seems like she's constantly outgrowing her clothes. She’s wearing mostly 2T and some 3T clothes, and they fit her great in the length of arms and legs, but I could fit about three of her in the waist! So most of the time, she’s in pants that show her ankles. Better than wrangling her into a belt or yanking up her plumber’s crack every five seconds.

Oh, and all that vocab she’s been working on for the past couple months? All of a sudden it became sentences. Two and three and four word sentences. Oh, I love it. We can have a conversation! Mostly about trucks. But, you know, sometimes about something fun we’re going to do or replaying something fun that we have already done.

Just now, Lucy went to the window and had the following conversation with herself: “Mama! A tuck!” And then, “Weah tuck go?” “I no KNOW!” “Wess FIND em.” “Um, tuck go Mangie’s (Maggie is Lucy’s favorite person besides our friend Mike – almost everything she talks about she somehow works Maggie or Mike in.) house?” And I’m all, “Whelp, you don’t need me here, I guess I’ll go!”

At nighttime, we often talk about what the best part of her day was. And she THINKS ABOUT IT and then ANSWERS me. It’s amazing. Mostly the best part of every day is the part of it that she spent outside. Or, if she went to the pool, that’s a pretty easy way to get a couple of enthusiastic sentences out of her. “Pool! Spash, splash, splash! Winn [her friend Quinn] swimmmm JUMP!”

Oh, and she has this high squeaky “pretend” voice that I think I’ve told you about. That started a few weeks ago. But now she talks to her toys in sentences that I can understand! For example, she was carrying one of her plastic Easter eggs around and said “Hi egg! Do you want to cook? (be cooked)” “No! Isss hot!” Or knocking on something and then saying in her squeaky voice “Who deah? It Mike! Haha! Mike heah! Tum eeen, Mike!”

Oh, and she started doing things like hiding something and THEN asking, “Mama! Weah ball go?” with a mischievous smile on her face. It just seems like such a big kid thing to do!

Lucy knows some colors – she can match the tops and bottoms of her plastic Easter eggs. Red and green for sure. (Because of traffic lights. She shouts “GO!” from the back seat of the car when we’re stopped at lights, so I had to teach her that we only go on green.) She knows orange because she has orange crocs and an orange pacifier.

That reminds me that she’s named her pacifiers. There’s Green Nuhnuh, Orange Nuhnuh, and Baby Nuhnuh. I’m thinking it might be time to give them up as soon as you’re cognizant enough to name them… But that’s a conversation for a different time.

She stopped dead with potty training as soon as the Bubba got back from Qatar, and that was fine with me. She’s shown some more interest lately, but I’m going to let her think about it for a little longer before starting anything again. I just don’t have it in me right now to be the kind of consistent the situation calls for right now.

In the past few weeks, Lucy has also become exceptionally sweet. She comes up to me because she thinks I need a hug. Or sees a scratch and wants to kiss my owie away. She likes to announce where she wants to kiss me or where she wants a kiss before it happens. Like “Mama. Kiss Yucy ear (or tummy, or cheek, or nose).” She likes to crawl up on my or the Bubba's lap and touch our cheek or hair ever so gently cooing "Niiiiiiice." It might be weird if it wasn't so flipping SWEET.

She is just SO BIG all of a sudden. She’s learned how to use kitchen chairs and stools to get what she wants. Like to unlock the deadbolt in the kitchen door so she can open it. No joke. It’s about a 5 minute process, so I have plenty of time to intervene. But still. The girl knows the secret to escaping, and that makes me nervous. And let's not even talk about why I now keep the knife block on top of the refrigerator. I thought baby proofing was supposed to get EASIER...

Lucy's obsessed with bikes and scooters. It’s like she has this uncanny sense that they’re for big kids and she NEEDS to ride one with a fiery passion. We went to the second hand store the other day to pick up and umbrella stroller for an upcoming trip, she saw the bikes, and that was the end. “Just TRY it. Just TRY it.” She reasoned and pleaded with me. And after she sat on every single one (there were about 9 little trikes and big wheels and whatnot there), she declared “You LIKE it.” I guess I can’t avoid that purchase much longer.

Sigh. When did my baby turn into a KID?


Dr. Maureen said...

I, too, have a skinny kid with long legs. These are awesome:

And Lucy is so cute. Crazy crazy cute.

-R- said...

The dimples!!!!

Julie said...

Man, she is CUTE! And what a personality. She sounds like a blast. :)