Thursday, April 8, 2010

Twenty Plus One Day

Some things I left out of yesterday's post:

Lucy often starts sentences with "Ummmm, how 'bout....."
Me: Lu, what do you want for breakfast?
Lucy: Ummmmm, how 'bout cookies!
Me: Nooooooo.
Lucy: Ummmmm, how 'bout goat cheese!

Or, an even better example: Out of the blue Lucy says, "Um, how 'bout shoes on? Walk. Library. Now."

She knows words that I can't even figure out where she would have picked them up. The other day we went to the (deadly) car wash (of doom). She was fine for a minute but then said "DONE! ISSSS SCAHWY! ISSS SCAHWY!" And all I could think was, where the heck did she learn the word scary? Or Scratchy? Lucy has super sensitive skin and she gets welts from abrasive tags and rashes from dryer sheets, etc. Lately, all of her clothes have "scratchy parts."

When I ask her, "Where do you think that airplane is going?" She always answers "Grandma's house!" Hopefully our plane ride to Wisconsin won't be too horrific tomorrow! 5 hours to Minnesota, then 45 minutes more to my Mom's town after a two hour layover in MN.

I've got a back pack full of little dollar store toys, doodle pads, books, match box cars, etc. as well as every kind of interesting snack you can imagine, healthy and otherwise.

I have a feeling it will be fine, but just to be on the safe side, say a prayer for me tomorrow if you think of it, ok?


Lisa said...'ve reached that fun zone where the baby becomes an intelligent, communicating being. Pay attention to her vocabulary and pronunciation these next few months, or soon she'll be speaking in full sentences and you'll forget how she got there.

Kate P said...

I hope everything went well and you are having a great visit!