Monday, April 5, 2010

Sugar Crash

I have always loved Easter. It's so joyful and relieving and amazing in a religious way, but also it's the REAL beginning of Spring and flowers and nice weather and light clothes and planting gardens. It's the beginning of airing the winter musties out of the house and planning spring and summer trips.

It was a good Lent. I gave myself plenty of time to pray and reflect on being a better mother and a better wife. And I wish I had some deep thoughts to share with you, but mostly it felt good to have priorities of getting things done and focusing on Lucy. For me, everything feels better when the laundry is done and the baby is happy. Even if the dishes didn't get touched or the floor hasn't been mopped in years. And I also learned that for me, what I do right away in the morning sets the tone for the entire day - so if I make the choice to be happy doing dishes/playing puzzles from 7-9? The day is SO NICE. Noted (not always ACTED UPON, but noted nonetheless).

(Unrelated to my lenten sacrifice, one other thing I learned in the past month or so that might be worth noting is that sugar and I don't mix too well anymore. Maybe it's my higher metabolism, maybe it's something totally different, but I feel like my sugar crashes are epic and I'm miserable for the entire next day if I have a bowl of ice cream after dinner. Alcohol is the same way. Too bad these are the only things making life worth living.)

Our Easter was great. We kicked it off by running our new traditional Family Holiday 5k. We started it on Thanksgiving last year, I think. We (meaning *I*) decided that we should run to earn our feast! Everything always tastes better when you've got your running hunger on, and there's the added bonus of working off some of the extra calories we're sure to consume! So far, we've run on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day and now Easter! Well, it was hard to get going and out by 8 yesterday morning when all we wanted to do was dig around in the Easter basket and sip coffee until church, but we did it! And I earned me some seconds of ham on homemade bread. Mmmm.

Mass was SUPER long (I'm talking an hour and forty minutes), but all things considered, Lucy was an angel. She wasn't too loud, but we were so crammed into the pews, that there really wasn't any room for her to move around without disturbing everyone around us. So, you know, OH WELL.

At least she LOOKED like an angel.

Unfortunately these are a little blurry, but they're the ONLY ones I got of her in her dress!

And then we had friends over for brunch. I made an egg casserole, ham in the slow cooker with orange juice and pineapples, fruit salad, overnight cinnamon rolls, homemade bread rolls, and chocolate-peanut butter cookies that I forgot to serve. And my friends brought mimosas and green salad.

The four kids between us were all tired and crabby and hungry and high on sugar, but they managed to enjoy playing with each other for an hour or two before the adults cried "Uncle!" And then we had to part ways in order to put the babies in their respective baby jails for recovery time.

I'd call that a success.


Amy --- Just A Titch said...

I wish sugar didn't make me long for sweet death after I eat it. I've been eating less, too...and as soon as I have any sugar, man, I feel awful.

Lucy is adorable!

Glad you had such a nice Easter. Love you.

Lindsay said...

really cute pics. I can't yet say how sugar makes me feel. I've tried to pay attention but.... Alcohol on the other hand: WOW. I just have no interest in it. I had a bunch of wine last week for the first time in months and it was lovely at the time but the next day, ugh I just wasn't feeling it. Dropping it altogether would hardly be a sacrifice.

Lisa said...

Your kid is so darned cute. I can't believe that she's so big! Let's get together and compare our super big toddlers. Oh, wait...we live a couple thousand miles from each other...never mind.