Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Photos

I'm almost caught up with things around here: laundry, general housekeeping, figuring out a new schedule that makes everybody happy. It really is kind of amazing what a disruption 10 little days of travel can make.

No I WILL NOT smile for your picture.

Well, ok, but just a little one.

Making "words" with her ABC magnets is one of her new favorite things.
She'll line up a bunch of letters and then say "Mama read it!"

And I'm all "I don't think I studied that language..."


-R- said...

She looks so grown up in those little buns!

Annie said...

Funny. Our alphabet doesn't contain nearly that many letters. Perhaps because they've all been shuffled under the fridge. Grrrr.
Glad to have you back! xo

Kate P said...

She knows Esperanto!

Lisa said...

Oh, the personality! Love it!