Monday, March 22, 2010

You Know You've Grown Up When...'re going to the dealer tomorrow to buy a brand new car. Brand spanking new. 20 miles on it. Sparkly and clean.


Oh, the doors! There are four of them! How delightfully DELICIOUS. We have been driving the last forever-ty billion years in a two door Honda Civic. Which we own. (Isn't that a very nice kind of nice, too? Not to have car payments?) But did I mention FOUR DOORS? I am in love with the idea even if it means going back into debt.

We're going with the R@v4. So roomy! It can fit two car seats in the back with a little room to spare! (No, we don't have any news for you.) It's not TOO big. It's fun to drive! The Bubba's head doesn't graze the ceiling! It's easy to get a kid in and out! (As easy as that can possibly be.) The financing options are too good to ignore!

Here are some things I won't have to do after tomorrow:
  • Struggle to flip forward the front seat with a kid in one arm and a purse/diaper bag in the other
  • Try to get a sleeping baby out of the back seat while fighting with the maneuverability of my own self in the tiny confines of a tiny car.
  • Deal with deafening road noise in my tiny sporty car (the new one is so nice and QUIET!)
  • Climb into the back of the coupe to collect a certain little person who thinks it's hilarious to get out of her seat and stand up in the far corner of the back seat where she knows it's the hardest for me to reach her
  • Worry about going to the car wash because my super-glue job on the side mirror might not make it through.
  • Strain my back by lifting Lucy into the back of the (did I mention two-door?) car.

To add some frosting to this adulthood cake? I (finally) put on my big-girl pants and consolidated my student loans. What? O-KAY. FINE. The Bubba did most of it. But whatever. I was in the same room and barked information in his general direction.

Aaaah! So grown up of me! I think I'll have ice cream for dinner to celebrate.


Annie said...

Yay! I used to drive a Rav and Loved every second of it! Hooray for 4 doors!!!

Carrie said...

I am so excited for you!

And, as I said on email, this clearly means that you need to have another baby :)

Lindsay said...

YAYAYA. WHen I heard about the Toyota financing options right now I sort of wished we took advantage. Well played! Also I find our little truck SO NOISY now that I have experienced a non noise machine little SUV.

Kate P said...

Nice!!! I wish you many happy miles! :)