Monday, March 29, 2010


Check out these little nuggets of cuteness that my friend captured yesterday! So sweet that I just couldn't wait until Friday Photos for them.

Evidently I can't shut my mouth for photos.

This one is my new wallpaper.

This one isn't - but oh, my Lord, is she my daughter or what?

Our first hike of the year! We went to Twin Falls and spent a gorgeous morning "climbing Lucy's mountain" as our smallest hiking team member liked to repeat. I was a little worried about what Lu would think about the back pack now that she's older and much more independent, but she was fine, looking around at all there was to point out: trees, water, trees, mountain. And constantly wondering "Where Mike go?!" when our friend was out of her line of vision.

I carried her up the hike on my back. And it was a great workout. I think I might like to try trail running. Except I guess I don't understand how trail runners enjoy the amazing setting - I would be constantly trying not to fall down the side of a precipice from tripping on a rock or root. Hm. Maybe I'll think about that for a little while longer before I try it. Also I need to let my calves recover a little more.

Anyway, I see many more of these hikes in the future, and with Lucy getting a little better at walking on her own and following directions, I think they'll just continue to get easier and more fun!

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