Monday, March 8, 2010


The nineteenth month seems sort of anti-climactic. It's older than one-and-a-half, but not quite almost-two.

Lucy's language is incredible. Her vocabulary is so big, I don't think I could list all her meaningful words anymore. I'd say she's fluent in English. Some new words are: elephant, sandbox (bo-baax), jacket, breakfast, yogurt (yo-yoout), fruit, chien, chat, dodo, veux pas, cartes (flashcards), oh, and a bazillion others I just can't name. Oh, and every morning before she's even out of the crib she starts lobbying to go down by the canal and "Daddy home. Walk. Water. Boat. Ducks. OKAY!" while nodding her agreement with her brilliant idea.

Every once in a while she'll bust out a word or phrase I didn't even know she was aware of. Like the "Excuse me!" she called out the other day as she was trying to get by the Bubba to play in our closet. She can recite most of her books too! She knows most of the words to most of the songs we sing - the English ones AND the French ones - and she sings them to herself. My current favorites are "Winkle, winkle, itt-ah saaah" and "Fee-uh shock-ah, fee-uh shock-ah, Doo-may voooo?"

But the best part of everything right now is the language that gives me glimpses into her 19 month old psyche. The things she thinks about! Hilarious! One day soon after the absorbtion of the word "need" in her vocabulary, she said "Mama! Need milk. No in ears. In mouth." as she pointed to her tongue. I kept thinking, "Now, I totally agree with the conclusion you reached. Let's talk a minute about HOW you reached it. Did someone tell you not to put milk in your ears? Did you TRY to put milk in your ears?...?"

Another example is when she called "Help!" pointing to a ball stuck under the chair, and I said "What happened? You need help getting the ball?" and she paused for a little while with a blank expression on her face. So long, in fact I thought she might be dropping a deuce in her diaper. But then she said "No. BALL need help." Right. Duh, Mom.

We're still fighting the good fight teeth-wise. She finally cut the last incisor on the top, and has been working hard on the bottom canines, one of which is in. The other should be popping through any minute if the drool, snot, and swollen gums are any indication. So she has six teeth up top and almost eight on the bottom. She took her sweet time getting here, but she sure does like to cut five million teeth all at once for the maximum of discomfort of everyone involved.

Nineteen looks a lot like eighteen. Just a little more vocally stimulating!


Emily said...

Lucy blows me away! I think Asher's vocabulary was smaller at TWO and a half. He was just starting to make sentences at that age. I can't believe how big she is!! And how CUTE! Well, I mean, she does have cute parents. :)

Kate P said...

So cute and happy looking in that coat!

Lisa said...

It's amazing how fast they grow up.