Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Wheels

Yesterday morning Lucy and I were all laced up and zipped in our jackets ready to go return some clothes that don't fit, and get some signed papers to the car dealership, etc. I went to the shiny car in the driveway, and Lucy would not go near it. I tried to put her in the carseat in the back, and she had a first-rate meltdown. "NO THIS CAR! NO THIS CAR! THAT CAR!" she screamed pointing to some random car down the street. Oh, wait. That car was a silver sedan that looked kind of like our old one. She was having none of the new car.

So we had to go sit on the steps for a little while and talk about the new car. I even made up a song. It went something like "Lucy loves her brand new car! It's a new blue car! A fancy new car!" And it had verses about how big it is and how Lucy can see all the school busses and dump trucks from her new seat. You get the picture. Well, then we opened the car doors and I showed her where Mama would sit and where Lucy's seat is. And she deigned to get inside.

After that little prelude, the rest of the day? Lucy couldn't stop talking about "Yoocy's new cah! Fancy!" Intermittently, she would stop playing with her toys, climb up on a chair in the kitchen in order to say "Hi new cah!" to the car in the driveway. Not necessarily the slightest adaptability quotient, but at least she got there. Whew.

The Bubba picked up the car on Tuesday late afternoon, did all the trade-in negotiations (which he totally rocked - I was totally impressed), and then went straight to a Engi-nerding meeting for all night. He got home at 9pm and I had planned to go pick up a friend and take it for a drive, but I was just too pooped. So he put the carseat in and the blanket that was in the back of the old car, and got it ready for me to drive with Lu on Wed.

Oh, that blanket? The muddy, dirty, leaf-covered blanket that used to be in the trunk of the old car? He put it into our brand-new, spotless SUV. I couldn't believe it. And then he admitted he didn't shake the cracker crumbs and goodness knows what else out of the car seat before installing that. Oh man. It reminds me of something my dad used to say about disappointments: "It's like a brand new car with chocolate cake smeared all over the back seat." Ah, well. I guess it's ours now! I don't mind if he makes fun of me for knocking off my shoes every time I get inside as long as it stays nice for me to enjoy having a shiny new toy.

The car is so nice to drive. One single morning of running errands and I have no clue how I lasted in a two-door car for so long. No. Idea. Right now it still feels like I'm playing dress-up in the fancy part of someone else's closet, but I'm pretty sure I can get used to this.

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