Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Photos: New Videos!

First of all, this is a photo of Lucy being her father's daughter through and through. We're at friends' house for dinner. There's a little girl about a year older than Lu. They ran around in circles and played for a little bit. And then? When Lucy was done socializing? Where do we find her, but in a corner of the sofa reading a book. We're going to call her Mini-Bubba for more than just her looks, now!


Videos! Ah, the lazy woman's blog fodder! You will be happy to know, though, that my Lenten resolution to fool around on the computer less has become a very healthy habit. And when Lent is over, I think I can budget some time to blogging without letting the internets be a complete time suck. Relatedly, I talked with my nephew last night who said that some of his friends gave up texting and were considering trying drugs in order to combat the withdrawl symptoms. (That's a joke, nephew's mom.)


A new way to play the piano. Lucy had been doing this for a while, and of course I had to laugh loud and distract her. She's started playing the piano like it's more than just a noise-maker. And singing along too!

Someday I'll sit down here and write a Lu update... Next time perhaps. Until then, Lucy will play us out:


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Kate P said...

She almost seems to be conversing with the piano in the last video--way cute.