Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Photos: Busy Week!

This week flew by. Lu and I were running around busy every single day. Doing stuff like:

Helping our friends move.

When pressed, Lucy admitted that she only helped for the doughnuts involved.

Visiting family for my cousin's birthday. (Too cool for school in Daddy's shades.)

Going to another birthday party - this one for a first birthday.
Lu was too concerned about the placement of the cupcakes to be smiling for photos.

My sweet, polite girl stealing a bite of mac and cheese out of the serving
dish before everyone's even got a seat around the party table. Patience fail.

Playing with our new toy. So shiny!

So big with so many doors!
I wanted to get a picture of Lucy in it, but she wouldn't comply. Next time.

And this weekend we're slated to go for the first hike of the year (we're going to pack things in our huge trunk!), and host a dinner party. Busy busy! But Fun-Busy! We hope you have an awesome fun weekend too!


Amy --- Just A Titch said...

LOVE that Lu stole mac & cheese. That's a kid after my own heart!

Kate P said...

Lucy's paying a big compliment to the chef there!

The new blue car is pretty!

Mike said...

Hi There Marge and I like your new car.