Sunday, February 7, 2010



That's a great sigh of relief. I'm not sure I realized how stressed I was until my Bubba came home, and now I keep thinking, "OhmyGOSH this is SO MUCH EASIER with another person around." Yeah, way insightful.

By the time Lu and I found a parking spot in the hourly lot at the airport, the Bubba was already through customs and got his bag, so we actually met him in the airport-to-parking structure skyway. And it was perfect. Lucy caught sight of her daddy a couple steps in and ran all the way with open arms. She gave him a tight squeeze and then proceeded to (I suppose) catch him up.

All afternoon Lucy would randomly stop playing with her toys, walk over to the Bubba and say, "MY Dada!" while gently touching his cheek so that he had to look in her face. It was so darn sweet. Like she was telling him very sincerely how much she missed him.

He came home bearing gifts too! A beautiful cashmere pashmina from Iran for Lizzie and some fresh spices - including saffron - from the Waqif (don't tell anyone), a cute outfit and a book for Lucy. He brought some candy back too, but I suggested (I am nothing if not magnanimous!) he bring it to work and share it there. Of course this was after I took a bite of a delicious-looking chunk of marshmallow-y pistachio-y goodness and it tasted just like a urinal cake smells.

Since Friday afternoon, the Bubba and I have been wandering around like a couple of newlyweds - never more than an arm's length away from each other. And there's the added bonus of sweet things - usually I have to beg him to say something nice about me/to me - he's just not very verbal in his affection. But the other night in bed he said in a half-asleep state, "I'm never going to let you go." That'll carry me through my day to day for a while. I'm not looking forward to the workday tomorrow, but then again, as the Bubba said, "I get to come HOME after work tomorrow." That will be a nice change.

It's a little frustrating to have the Bubba back but still out of commission with the jet lag. He's present but that's about all he has the energy for. After his recovery, it'll be back to honey-do! I'm going to try to convince him to write a guest post here at some point, because (obviously) I can't talk about his experience, and I think it's interesting enough to write down.

In short, life is getting back to normal, and I am so happy with that normal.


Carrie said...

Oh, that's so great! I'm glad you guys had a nice weekend. Just think how quickly tomorrow's work day will go by comparison with the last 2 weeks!

Let me know if you're bored and want to do something this week. We have nothing on the schedule and would love company at the Children's Museum.

Amber Theiss said...

Welcome Home Adam! I loved reading about Lucy.. I can just picture her running with her arms wide open. I know how excited my girls were when Larry would come home from his trips to Europe. So glad your family is back together again! Miss you!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad he's home! Things always look better and easier to handle when the hubby is around. At least that's the way it is here.

Shelby said...

So glad he's home! I always feel like I can literally breathe easier when Darren returns from a trip away.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie; Thanks for the post. I can just see little Lucy running to Adam in the airport.
The description of Lucy touching her Dad while at play said so much!
I also found your description of the candy, "it tasted just like a urinal cake smells." awfully realistic. sure does get the point accross. Grandpa Mike