Monday, February 22, 2010

Fasting, Twenty-First Century Style

I’ve been absent from this space. And for good reason. When the Bubba was in Doha, I got into some bad internet habits. I guess that makes it sound like I got addicted to internet porn or gambling or something. Nothing that scandalous! While the Bubba was gone, I was online for a large part of the day looking for entertainment and a break from being cloistered with a very demanding small person. Understandable, you say? I agree. But my habits hadn’t changed much since the Bubba’s return and that, my friends, is the rub.

I’m the one who wiles away time reading blogs, writing posts, reading magazine articles, updating Facebook and Twitter. And then, of course, I’m the one that complains that the Bubba and I never hang out any more and we’re not connecting, and wah, wah, wah!

I’ve decided to use Lent as a time to reexamine my vocation. That means an internet fast of my own design. The parameters are this: I’m not going to be online for any length of time while a) Lucy is awake, b) the Bubba is home, or c) it’s naptime, but there are chores to be done. I didn’t realize that this would actually cut my computer time to the time it takes to write two work emails and make a move in Scrabble against my mom. BUT! I also didn’t realize how just making that decision - much less following through - would make me much more available to my family and cognizant of their needs.

It certainly does help that Lucy has been So! Much! Fun! lately. She offers an endless string of commentary on whatever’s going on in her head, and let me tell you, 18 month olds have some crazy thoughts going through their heads while they figure out this world. She’s hilarious and fun and just generally awesome.

We went to the zoo on Friday with friends, and it was incredible. It was a gorgeous day, but the zoo wasn’t crowded. Lucy was positively squealing with joy the entire time. She waved at the elephant and said “Hi, Em-we-went!” and when we passed the giraffes munching their treetop leaves she said “Neh-naffe! Snack! Nom-nom!” When I let her out of her stroller, she went to see the monkeys or penguins and got right back in without a fight when it was time to move on. She was playing nicely and being generally very cute with her friend Ethan.

In short, it was PERFECTION. It’s times like that that I want to bottle up so that on regular OMG This Toddler Is Driving Me Nuts days, I can just uncork it for a second and just have a little sniff of what’s in there.

And there is enough of the usual toddler stuff around here too. For the last few weeks, Lu hasn’t been sleeping very well, culminating in two nights of being awake every hour or two. It was less than fun. My girl is such a slow teether; she still has one of her top outer incisors to cut. Well, I figured that was coming in, but it is STILL lingering below the gum line just looming. So I’d give her medicine and that was that. Except, this was a two-fold Mama’s Head Is Up Her Butt situation. Firstly, the poor Bird is cutting both of her bottom canines. By the time I noticed one had already cut the sharp point, and the other was blistering. And TWO, I have not adjusted her medicine intake since she was about 12 months. As it turns out, I was giving her less than half a dose of pain reliever, and then wondering why it wasn’t working. Cue the sarcastic slow clap. Aaaaaand, I take a bow.

Et VOILA! A disjointed conglomeration of anecdotes. Well, what did you expect? This took me about 5 days to write!


Jennie said...

An Internet fast, that's a great idea. I need to put some boundaries on my time, too.

It's also good to hear that 18 months is fun! and not horrifying because I've heard the latter too often and it's terrified me a bit about what's to come.

So far, the tantrums are more hilarious than unmanageable.

Kate P said...

Well, hurrah for the teething relief! And may your fasting go well. :)

Lisa said...

An internet fast is a good idea, and apparently one that many are doing...lots of my blogs are extremely slow to update lately. But that gives me more time to stop dawdling on the computer and do something important, so it's all good.

Manda said...

Good for you lady! I should apply the same rules.
Syd has really started babbling a lot lately too! It's so much fun!! The zoo looked like a blast. We went to the zoo once and I spent the entire time trying to make her wear her hat. BLERG.