Monday, February 8, 2010


It's been dry lately and even sunny sometimes, so we've been doing our share of playing outside. When it comes to playing I'm a fan of the Whatever Causes Exhaustion on the toddler's part, which is usually a trip to the jungle gym at the park. Now, my girl can climb up and down and around a kajillion thousand times. And I always have to step in and wedge her crying for more into the car or stroller and explain that there will be a next time.

But our yard? We are not often just chilling out with toys in our yard because it doesn't usually meet the WCE criteria mentioned above. The other day after a walk to see the boats on the canal, I decided to grab a rake and get the stray leaves in the yard as well as all the dead stalks I just left last fall when my irises were done. As we got toys out and whatnot, I realized that the end of last summer was probably the last time Lucy was left to her own devices in the yard. I ended up comparing the kid that WAS with the kid that IS.

The last time we played in the yard, she was an uncertain walker, she would sit in her "urban sandbox" (a long shallow tupperware filled with play sand) and pour sand on herself with cups. This time, Lucy built a train and had them load freight onto sailboats in the sand box. She was more or less narrating as she went along, too. I was blown away.

No one warned me how freaking cool this newfound imagination "stage" is. Lucy talks for minutes on end to "Mike" (We have quite a few Mikes in our lives!) on the "phone," which could actually be a phone, but is just as likely to be a calculator, spoon, toothbrush, etc. And right now she's singing along to a CD of kids' songs. Singing along! In key! ("Winnows on bus. Up an nown! Up and nown! Aaah roo nown!"

Lucy had her 18 month checkup at the doctor, and, as expected, she is awesome. She even politely asked "Write. Pees." to Dr. Sarah who then let her write with a pen on her clipboard. I was so proud (Harvard Med School, here we come!). And she did a happy little All-Done-Checking-Up jig to entertain us while we finished chatting.

The Bird weighs 25 pounds 11 ounces, which falls in the average, has a head circumference of 46.2 cm, which falls in the average, and is 35.5 inches tall. Dr. Sarah showed me on the growth chart where that height dot is - and it's about an inch and a half above all the other little lines on the chart. She laughed at it being so far above average and then we measured two more times to be sure. It was correct.

Do you know what this means? It means she's grown 5 inches in the last six months since her last checkup! It makes those inconsolable wake-ups seems like the growing pains my 6'3" husband remembers so well from his youth. And it only makes sense that Lu is wearing size 2T to fit the length of her legs and arms - but 12-18 months works just fine for the waist/torso. I'm in love with t-shirts and leggings right now because then I can buy the 2T and they actually fit in the limbs AND without looking too big. And skirts! It also makes me wish I had a functioning sewing machine to make her some clothes that fit.

In Lucy's world, every number is "nine" yet she knows that nine comes after eight and will shout it out when we're counting. She loves running like Mama, and is a huge fan of "Ready? Set! Go!" races. She likes her "friend" Beeire (a stuffed elephant that Lucy named all by herself) so much that she insists on taking her along for naps and bedtime. And last night, when it was time for bed, I covered Lucy up with a blanket, Lucy covered Beeire with her lovey.

She says "Wah You!" with a kiss and hug, and plays independently more than ever. Her favorite things are her puzzles, music, and books. But the cars that she can put things in a drive around are up there too. Every time it gets a little too quiet and I have to look around to see what's going on, Lucy is almost always lost in a book. Like father, like daughter.



Tara said...

That is one tall kid that you've got! Shea isn't short, and I think she's only got an inch or so on Lucy. And she'll be three in April.

Manda said...

When it gets quiet at my house I almost always happen upon my daughter playing with a sharp object or making a horrendous mess. What a good tall girl you are Lu-Bird!!

Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

I have your sewing machine Liz-here in NC!

Kate P said...

Wow, five more inches! And, uh, maybe that's a future librarian you've got there, hee hee.