Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wheeeee! Wait... What?

On Tuesday, the Bubba's boss said he would like us to consider Bubba going to check on some issues in the project he's working on. In Qatar. For two to three weeks. Leaving Saturday. In the moment, I answered without a pause that if he feels equal to it that we'd make it work, and how exciting for him!

The long story is that someone else could have been sent, but the boss-man made it clear he'd like my Bubba to go. That vote of confidence is reason enough to seriously consider it, and besides that, what an experience for the Bubba! While in Qatar, he could just "swing by" and see the Burj Dubai. And visit his former boss who's in Abu Dhabi. So exciting! I want to go!

But now that the ticket is purchased and the dates are set?...

Deep breath. In..... Out.....

What in the great wide world am I going to do with myself and Lucy for two to three weeks without my Bubba?! I thought of going back to the W-I, but it's cold there. And everyone I know either works or is in school. And I wouldn't have the community centers or play groups that I have here. And getting Lucy on a whole new schedule and sleeping in a whole new place? Ugh. Just no thank you. Staying here sounds better and better when I go through that list.

Well, I guess I start with a list of single friends who would want to spend the night at my house. And then I move on to mommies in town that will let me crash their house every other day or so. And then maybe people who will want to let me eat dinner at their places a couple days a week. And stock the fridge with ice cream and brownies?

Hm, well that makes me think that I won't be cooking as much. So that means it might be easier to stick to the fueling-the-runner diet, since I can make a big batch of veggie soup or toss a just-add-dressing ginormous salad to keep in the fridge. And I can concentrate on just getting the first couple weeks of my training out of the way.


I think I might be nervous about this.


maggie said...

Obvs you are moving in with me.

Amber Theiss said...

Big Hugs..I know how you are feeling.. Larry has gone to Europe twice for 20 days.. leaving me alone with the girls. But we got through it.. just keep yourself busy. Do you have a mommy's helper or someone who can help you take care of Lucy? Even so you can take a break.. call me if you need anything.

Annie said...

Oh Lizzie Liz. I would be nervous too. Tim has been in NJ this week and I have been LESS THAN PLEASED with his absence. And that's just a 3 hr time difference on a 3 day trip! You can bet you ALL will be in our prayers during the next few weeks. Love love love. xoxo