Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Disjointed Thoughts for a Thursday

Because I am not able to think too clearly about any one thing for any length of time today.

1. Lu and I went to check out a community center pool today. It was awesome. There's a huge toddler area with little fountains and beach balls and pool noodles and watering cans. Lucy could have poured a bowl of water into the watering can and vice versa all the day long. We ended up staying for about an hour and a half before my pruney baby was too tired to play anymore. I consider it a huge score. It's not free, but I definitely think it's worth a twice-a-month time slot. If not for the morning that zooms by, definitely for the monster nap afterwards.

2. I'm going to spend this monster nap time munching my lunch, organizing the bills, and folding laundry. Talk about big fun.

3. Do you want to know what I'm having for lunch? Salad with bell peppers and sunflower kernels. Nuts in a salad is hugely underrated. I might even go so far as to say that it's a yummy treat. Dried pineapple for dessert. And that's because I have to go for my run yet today. It's only 2.5 miles, so easy peasy, but I know if I had the delicious Swedish meatballs leftover from last night I would probably start belching it up by block number two.

4. While we're on the subject of food, I put chicken cacciatore in the crock pot for dinner tonight. There's something magical about putting random things in a bowl at lunchtime and having yummy dinner ready for you in the evening, and all the cooking dishes already done.

5. Lucy now tells me when she has too - slash- is currently going "Poh-poos." Is there some way to translate this into sitting on the potty for more than a millisecond at a time and downloading in there? When she tells me, I will suggest the potty, and (if she acquiesces) we go in the bathroom, sit down, maybe read a book, and she's done. Then as soon as the diaper is back on, she lets me know she has "Poh-poos. On." and asks for a diaper change. The girl isn't even 18 months old yet, so I'm not worried about it by any means, but if she's making the connection of feeling like she has to go, I certainly wouldn't mind channeling that into a mess I can dump from potty to toilet instead of having to scrape it off her behind and off the cloth diaper.

6. There's a class I want to go to at church tonight. On the other hand I only have two more evenings with my husband before he takes off for a few weeks. What to do?

7. That reminds me that Lucy started calling the Bubba "My Dada." It's super duper cute. We've picked him up from work a couple times this week, and before we leave and the whole way to the Bubba's office she says "MyeeeDada. Wouk. Mwah!" Translated to mean "We're going to get Dada from work and give him a kiss." So sweet!

8. That's all I've got.

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