Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 9

I made it to Mass this morning. And get this: Lucy was an ANGEL. I heard all the readings for the first time since .... having a baby? For the first twenty minutes she just sat in my lap with her head on my shoulder snuggling and looking around.

Lucy didn't, however, deign to nap today. She played happily in her crib for an hour, mostly because I needed a break to get some laundry and the dishes done. But it probably serves me right since she slept until 8am. Somehow it's totally magical to wake up before my child starts calling for me. Even if it's the same time she's regularly up, it just seems so RESTFUL to wake up on my own. Ahhh.

Then my Sunday work was cancelled and friends came over with dinner. Did you read that right? My friends came over and brought dinner with them. Maybe I'm just new to this but, woah. Dinner. At my house. That I didn't make. It was awesome. And they brought their 12 month old who had a blast playing chase around the house with Lucy. It was a fabulous day all in all.

Tomorrow morning I will be going to procure a potty chair that Lucy will actually find somewhat comfortable. The interest in going potty seems to be consistent. I've got to get my head out of my butt and help her out with that.

That's all the brain cells I have left. I feel like they have seriously depleted since the Bubba's departure. I tried to hold a conversation about something rational (and non-baby) today and found it to be impossible.


Manda said...

Please promise to post detailed instructions on how to potty train a wild girl. I will be studying with much enthusiasm!

Kate P said...

Can I just tell you that I think you (indirectly) inspired my SIL to try sign language with my youngest nephew? A few months ago, I mentioned your experience when Lu signed she was "all done" playing and put herself to bed--my SIL was kinda blown away by that.

Apparently there was a recent purchase of a signing DVD, and youngest nephew (22 months) is signing as well as saying some words to us when my mom and I were babysitting him yesterday. . . thankfully, oldest nephew gave us a heads-up about which signs his little brother knows!