Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 8

I guess it's Saturday, huh? The day we usually do things and hang out and enjoy being together. Our fun day and errand day. Our family run day.

This morning in the time it took me to pee - and the bathroom is right off the kitchen 5 feet away from Lucy's chair, mind you - Lucy painted the table cloth with ketchup (the girl will no longer eat eggs without it) and then dumped her eggs all over the floor, balled up the table cloth and cloth napkins and threw them all over the floor. And of course, like all 5 star mothers, I walked in and said "Lucy! What's wrong with you?!"

But then the coffee pot beeped telling us that the nectar of life was ready for consumption, and Lucy said "Mama! Coffee!" Except her word for coffee sounds kind of like wyeahfee. And it made my heart warm a little bit and I liked her again.

She's pretty special and fun and amazing and I'm so lucky to be able to spend time with her and see all these subtle little changes and growths. Speaking of growth, I think she just sprouted a couple more centimeters, too. I'll have to measure her and see what happens. I have to remind myself that this is me being lucky, and not me having to survive something.

Oh, have I told you about the onset of complete sentences? On Thursday when we went to my friend's hobby farm, Lucy said, totally unprompted, "Goats are sleeping." And then yesterday she blew my mind with "Light is off. On. Pees." I mean look at that! Subjects! Verbs! Complete thoughts!

But then she climbed up on the chest in the living room to reach the books and knickknacks on the shelves she can't reach and she dumped them down. I'm tempted to just stop discipline all together for all the good it's doing. In fact, all that happens is that I get increasingly frustrated, and Lucy gets more and more insight on how to better and more effectively push my buttons in the future.

Ah! The duality of toddlers!

In awesomer news, I got a call from the Bubba this morning and he said that things are looking like he'll be home next Saturday. And the angels sang in their heavenly chorus. It can still change, but I'm ready for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Here's the Bubba in front of his building:

According to the Bubba, the pic only shows about a third of the building's length.

The Bubba also said that when he's on site, he works with people from almost every country in the world. Well, actually he rattled off a list of the countries they're from and I don't even remember all of them because each person was from a different country. How cool is it that he gets to have this experience?!


Manda said...

Oh the ketchup. It's a love affair at our house too. She just dips food in it and sucks the ketchup right off ... and won't eat the food. OY.
So glad you know when he's coming home! Hang in there!!

Annie said...

1. Jake was dipping his apple in ketchup last night. His daddy (proud wearer of "I put ketchup on my ketchup" t-shirt from Shelby) is quite pleased.

2. Look at your cute husband in front of that big building! I'll bet your heart swells with pride when you see him doing so well.

3.I, too, have to remind myself (more often than I'd like to admit) that the frustrating, challenging times are a blessing more than anything else.

4. You're doing great! I'd be a puddle of slime on the floor if Tim was across the world. You = super mommy.