Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 5

Seriously? Aren't we on day 83 already? Because that's what it feels like.

I decided today that I would count on the Bubba being gone for the entire three weeks because if I let myself believe he'll be back on the 5th and then I get an update that it's going to be another week, smoke might come out of my ears and I might have to pay out the nose and send away for some very rare brain gasket that exploded. And we can't have that.

Here's something cheery for you:

Singing some songs

I got a couple of CDs out of the library for Lucy and she LOVES them. She's constantly asking for the "wahdio" and "mukic." There are a couple of key phrases she's picked up from them too. Like "yes, SIR!" and "la, la, la, la, lightbulb." It's pretty funny to hear her say "yes, SIR" when I ask if she would like some milk. Or to be going through the aisles in the grocery store and her humming and then come up with a word like lightbulb. She's just so big, and I can't believe she's my little baby!


barbetti said...

She is SO sweet! Seriously, all your Blatheringers and your baby girls make me hope a teeny bit to have my own girl, some day.

Lisa said...

I'd say you are in for one fantastic Valentine's Day outing to make up for all the loneliness!

Shelby said...

I totally feel for you. Darren spent two weeks in India a few years ago, and thank goodness my mom came out to keep me company, because I think I would have been a mess. We would try to video chat, but it was tough because of the time difference and our schedules. Thinking of you!

Manda said...

Oh my goodness! I am LOVING the fill-in-the blank ABC song! So cute!!