Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 3

Today started out awesome with a little sunshine and some playing with friends.

AND? She pooped on the potty today.

Victory couch dive!

Only I have to go get her a better potty. The one we have she hates and is always shifting her weight on. I didn't consider that when there's poop involved that might not be awesome. By the time she was done, the poop wasn't only in the potty and she was pretty freaked out about the "METS! BLEH!" Then baths were had by all.

But a first step is a first step, right?

It might have gone down hill from there. Lucy took a dive off a friend's sofa this morning and gave herself a pretty spectacular goose egg on her forehead. And then she proceeded to sleep for more than three hours. So, of course, I went in and woke her up to make sure the bonk on her head wasn't anything more serious.

Well, I shouldn't have bothered. She rolled out of the wrong side of the crib. She sobbed for about twenty minutes about everything. Shoes on to go outside? It might as well have been bamboo spikes shoved under her fingernails.

But I won't hold it against her.

She's pretty freaking cute.

That and she's sleeping now.


Tara said...

Dude! She went on the potty?! I am very impressed.

We just used the little potties from Ikea. They are no frills, but they worked great for us. And they are SOoo cheap that we got a couple-- we even went through a phase where I kept one in my trunk (before she graduated to The Big Potty). Kept one in the bathroom and in the very beginning I would keep one in the room where we were playing as well.

barbetti said...

Wow, way to go Lucy! I am so impressed!

How are you doing? Are you finding yourself in a convenient routine with the husband away?

Lisa said...

Gotta love those toddler tantrums! And she is darn cute. You are going to have to tell me how you accomplished that potty success.