Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 2

Oh, how my mind tricks me into thinking I'll fail.

I didn't sleep well last night. I was hyper aware of every noise the house made and the cars made out on the street and Lucy made in her sleep. Every little sound caused a jolt of adrenaline to go up my spine and then I had to take some time to come down before I could go back to sleep. The wine didn't even help with anything except being confused over where I was when I woke up on the Bubba's side of the bed and the room looked all weird from that angle.

I woke up with Lucy and debated the schedule for the day. I made breakfast. We went for a run. But all through, the tears were just a blink away. The day seemed so long and I didn't know when the Bubba would get to Doha, or whether I'd get to talk to him.

I also didn't go to church this morning. Partly because I wasn't sure I would actually get anything out of it having to deal with a spider monkey all on my own, partly because I wasn't sure I wanted to subject the rest of the congregation to that, and partly because I was so tired and just figured it would suck so bad that it wasn't worth it. Well, that and I wanted her to nap at a time that is not her regular nap time in order for the afternoon to go smoothly.

Way to overplan, Lizzie. I dropped Lu off with friends this afternoon while I went to work and after a minor meltdown, it was all fun and games, PLUS I had a fabulous session at work. And I got to talk to the Bubba who was groggy from lack of sleep and nervous about way-too-soon morning meeting.

So day two was ok, and we've got a really full week ahead of us. I'm hoping it'll fly by.


-R- said...

Oh, good. I'm sure the time will fly by!

Annie said...

Oh Lizzie. I was praying for you this morning at Mass. Okay...this morning in the front vestibule of the Church bouncing Nate while the rest of my family was at Mass. Praying that he got there safely, praying that you were holding up okay, and that little Lu wasn't missing her daddy too terribly. You're doing a great job! I hope these weekdays bring you lots of distractions to help the time pass. xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I hate being alone at night, and I hate that feeling of the WHOLE day stretching out before you. I am thinking of you and hoping the time just flies by and you get a really good present from Qatar.

Kate P said...

All right, managing Day 2, Lizzie! Glad you got to talk to your hubby.

Rachel said...

Hi Liz! We're thinking of you over in the Sprague household. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!! Love to Lucy~ she's lucky to have such a wonderful strong mama!

Mary said...

The night-time noises/empty bed thing does get easier, I promise. I just keep the TV on to drowned out the scary sounds and use the timer function to turn it off after I've fallen asleep. That first week or so is always the hardest. You're brave to try and stick it out the whole time by yourself with Lucy. Now that I've got Will, I don't last more than a week before visits to or from relatives come into play. Best of luck and hang in there! And tell him to find you some pearls. The guys always come back from deployments with them so they must be cheaper in Doha.