Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 10

The potty was procured. The tiniest fanny in our family likes it. So much, in fact, that she's been throwing tantrums when I suggest we put a diaper back on her.

I had to have a little bit of a come-to-Jesus with myself today. "Self?" I asked, "Am I ready to enter into full-on potty training only partially knowing the dedication of time and energy involved?" And then I retorted "Well, what are me and Lucy doing all day anyway but hanging out and staring at each other?" But I came back with, "Do you have the emotional stamina to follow through?" To which I replied "SIGH. Lucy's ready. She tells me when she's going potty. Now *I* have to be ready. It's kind of my job to show her what to do from there." I think I won that argument.

Anyhoo, a certain little person ran around naked (see tantrum references above) for a good portion of the afternoon, had three little accidents, bent over double to see where these "accidents" were coming from, and had one success of pee-pee in the potty! She was super surprised and a little disturbed to see pee in the potty, but I started singing the Pee-pee in the pot-TAY! song and doing the corresponding jig. The mini marshmallow treat didn't hurt things either. For an hour after words she kept repeating "Potty. Treat. Yum-yum." and then very obviously nodding her head in fervent agreement with herself.

Lucy's been dreaming a lot lately. This morning she woke up sobbing saying "BANANA! YUM. YUMMY." Like she was having some very sad nightmare about me not giving her a banana. And just now a half hour after she fell asleep she started screaming "MAMA! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" Which, you know, I'm really proud that her manners come out in her night terrors. Weird.

I don't know about you guys, but bedtime for Lu was always a sigh of relief for me. The end of a long day, some time to myself. But these days? I have to remind myself over and over that keeping Lucy up later is not doing her any favors. The evenings just seem to stretch on For. Ev. Er. until my bedtime. I've been a yarn-crafting fiend for the past week. I've been making Lucy some pretend food. At some point I'll post some pics. So cute.

That reminds me that I dropped and broke our camera the other day. Go me! FYI - if you are running to get the camera because your kid is doing something ridiculously cute at the moment, make sure you have a firm grip on it before you trip on your own slippers and watch it shatter on the kitchen tile.

Oh, and another PSA: Don't eat too much broccoli. I haven't been cooking too much lately, because cooking for one sucks and so do leftovers. So, I looked in the fridge yesterday and I had a head and a half of broccoli that needed to be cooked. So I did. And then I ate it. It was about, oh, three or four cups? Probably at least three cups too many. My intestines will never be the same. Ever. That is all.


Lisa said...

I'm amazed at your potty stamina. Our little one stubbornly resisted and alternately embraced the potty for weeks until I finally let it go. She still goes occasionally, and I think she's responding well to treats. She could be ready if I pushed it, but I don't want to start any fights.

Manda said...

Ok, I have to know this: what inspired Lu's "potty interest"? I am so curious. I'm curious about how and when to plant this idea in my girl's head. Also ... you let her PEE ON THE FLOOR?!