Monday, December 21, 2009


Somewhere in the recent past, my baby turned 16 months and we are in the full throes of toddlerhood. Here are some of the new things:

Things I Love:

- New vocab. Girls got like 40 or 50 meaningful words now. I’m always surprised by what comes out of her mouth.

- Sentences! Like for example, “Mama! All done! Bye bye!” When she’s done with lunch. Or “Oh no! Where’d it go? I don’t know!” Granted you need a Parent Certified Translator to understand these sentences – like “Pretty flower” actually sounds like “Reepie WOWwee!” but STILL. Sentences with two and three words. Harvard, baby.

- The little bits of politesse we’ve taught her coming out. She says “Thank you!” sometimes without prompting, and almost always when she’s handing you something. The “pees” is becoming more of a language staple too. It’s really hard to deny something to a little person whose voice is saying “Up, pees, Mama!”

- Singing. I made up little hand motions to The Wheels on the Bus and Lucy knows what each of the things do on the bus and will sing them - “round and round, round and round, round and round” with her little pointer fingers tracing circles in the air – when appropriate. She also makes up songs about people or toys as she’s playing. Oh, the odes to Mama. Those get my right in the cockles. She’s singing one right now, actually as she peruses the church bulletin. It goes a little something like “Mamamama Mama! Mamamama Mama! Read! Read! Mamamama Mama!” Swoon! My favorite generally involve the words Mama, Happy, or Love you!

- The opinions. Me: “Want to wear your brown shoes?” Lucy: “Noooooo? Red Crocs?” You got it. [Oh, and we call her red crocs Red Crocs. It’s not like she’s picking out the RED ones. Just in case you thought she was a super genius or something (which she is – I dare you to contradict me).] Me: “Want to sing a song?” Lucy: “Baa baa!” or “E-i-O” or whatever tickles her fancy at the moment.

- Repeating. I love, love, love hearing Lucy figure out words in her little voice. Especially big words like “emergency vehicle” and “baby baboon” and “delicious.” There’s not a whole lot cuter than a tiny mouth full of multisyllabic words.

- Using words correctly. When we pull onto our street or into our driveway, Lucy announces “HOME!” And (this kills me) last week I was doing dishes as Lu ate her lunch. At some point in the finishing process, Lucy decided to put the tines of her fork into the spout of her sippy cup. The result was a very tall stacked cup-fork tower. Lucy said “Hey!” to get my attention and when I looked at her she said, very seriously, “Taa DA!” I had no idea she even knew that word.

- Making up games. She’s made up this game where we both try to say something at the same time. Mostly is just “Bah” but sometimes she says “Mama!” and I say “Lucy,” but we try to say it at exactly the same time. It cracks both of us up.

- Figuring things out. Subtitled: The Completely Random Things That Toddlers Do. I love watching Lucy work out whatever it is she’s working out. She steps on her toy. Tries to balance it on one finger. She sees what it’s like to wear it as a hat or use it as a pillow. She spends entire minutes trying to hang her purse from her toe and walk away. LOVE.

- Random affirmations of understanding. I leaned our folded drying rack against a table today. Lucy put her car under it and announced “House.”

- She started saying "Uh-huh!" As in Me: "Isn't that NICE?" Lucy: "Uh-huh!" So human of her!

Things I May Not Love Quite So Much As the Things in the Previous List:

- The flip side of opinions. Me: You MUST wear pants. Lucy: Noooooo? Nooooo! – screams of torturous rage – Noooooo!”

- Using my words against me. Yesterday I heard, “Stop, please.” Or there’s also “MAMA!” with outrage.

- The flip side of repeating. A couple days ago I said “Aw MAN!” In response to some mess I walked in on in the kitchen. For ten minutes Lucy echoed “Maw MAN” with tones of pure frustration in her voice. Way to pick up on it, Lu. We won’t even talk about the S-word she busted out the other day, we’ll just say that SOMEONE around here needs to be watching the POTTY mouth. (Sigh. It’s me.)

- The fact that since she’s verbal she thinks that the answer will now always be yes. Frustrations abound in both corners of the ring.

- “Walk, Mama! Walk! Walk!” Anytime she’s being carried, really. Combined with the Limp Body Defense and Operation Wiggle Worm, this is actually highly effective strategy which often ends in me (or the Bubba) chasing or preventing near-catastrophes and mostly being way more uncomfortable than lugging around the 25-pound worm.

Welp, looks like the Pros outweigh the Cons this month.

I know I always say this – but it’s always TRUE! – this is my favorite stage yet.


barbetti said...

Haha, I loved all the little anecdotes in this post. Everyone tells me to enjoy Dublin's incoherent babble because soon he'll be TALKING and accidentally SWEARING and etc, but really, I cannot WAIT. I'm looking forward to watching this little person emerge, as Lucy has.

Holly said...

Ok here little bangs pulled back in a little clip has to be the Cutest Hairdo Ever. Squee!

Lindsay said...

She is just gorgeous. And adorable.

Kate P said...

What a personality, that kiddo. An ever-growing one.