Thursday, December 24, 2009

On Christmas Eve

We've had a bad couple of nights of sleep around here. I do think that one of the last two mother-loving incisors are trying to poke through some little gums. And for some reason, the poking-through process involves a lot of 1-3am rocking. Lucy's getting one of her two front teeth for Christmas. Perfect.

Even through my sleepy haze this morning, I know it's Christmas Eve. We drove the Bubba to work this morning. We had 99 to ourselves at 8:30AM. Where we're usually creeping along the bridge, I was zipping along to the tunes of the all-Christmas-carols-all-the-time radio station. Rainier was out with billows of cloud cover around its base. In short, the day was already looking magical.

And then we turned downtown and I caught a glimpse of the EIGHT MILE LONG LINE to see Santa at Nordstrom's. Seriously? That sounds a little bit like Christmas hell right there.

Aaaanyway, the Bubba has a half day of work, Lucy and I are going to make baked Brie and pigs in a blanket to snack on tonight, and I'm furiously throwing yarn into last-minute shapes.

Every morning of Advent this year we've lit the lights on the tree as we sing a Christmas carol - easily Lucy's favorite part of the day. And we procured an Advent wreath this year, so we light it and read devotions and sing Away in a Manger after dinner. It's so fun that Lucy is just old enough to sort of catch a hint of the magic of the Christmas season.

Lucy is beside herself with excitement about getting at the packages under the tree. In fact, quite a few of the books I picked up for her are still stored under my bed because I don't want to fight the "It's not Christmas yet!" fight. The nice thing about the small gifts we're exchanging this year is that they fit in and fill out some pretty nice-looking stockings (if I do say so myself - well, at least Lucy's and Bubba's).

So off I go to bake stuff and knit stuff and look forward to cruising some lights and stuffing my face with friends tonight. And then there's Christmas mass with the choir tomorrow. And opening pretty packages. And sipping coffee and watching Lucy play with the wrapping paper garbage her new things. And Christmas dinner. And letting the feeling of sharing Christmas with my little family settle in.

And THEN? A whole week of (furlough) vacation with my Bubba. This is gonna be good.

Merry Christmas to you. I hope you feel the blessings of the season.


Two Sick Peas In A Pod said...

You got it Liz. The people around the holiday table....that is what I breathe in most.
Happy Holidays and many misses.

She Likes Purple said...

I hope you have the best holidays, Liz!

(I'm putting your hat giveaway up next week!)

Manda said...

Hope you guys had a fantastic Christmas!! We're teething over here too OH MAN OH MAN.