Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Obligatory Christmas Recap Post

Did you have a merry Christmas? It was a good one Chez Nous!

Christmas eve was spent with Maggie's magnificent family. It looked a little like this:

Lucy and Jack negotiating over who gets to open the present.

And this:

Christmas jammies!

This might have been around 9:30pm.
The bird might have been a little drunk with sleepies.

We watched White Christmas, and I would SO love to add a little video here of Maggie, her sister, and MY HUSBAND singing "Sisters," but not only to I have the sneaking suspicion that Maggie wouldn't be too thrilled, the Bubba would positively KILL me. Boo. Come over to my house. I show it to you then. Promise. (What? You live a bazillion miles away? IT'S WORTH THE TRIP.)

And Christmas. Lucy was adequately spoiled, the Bubba was surprised, and a good day was had by all.

This is the only pic I have of Lu standing in her
Christmas dress - hair a mess and no shoes. Sigh. Merry Christmas.

And this? This video is long, but I would like to point out what a LOVING, CARING, PATIENT mother I am at the crack of dawn (o-KAY, it was like 7am) after being up ALL THE NIGHT with a teething baby.

Me = Saint

I have a sneaking suspicion that Santa is going to turn out to be my dentist, because he brought me an electric toothbrush and and a night guard. SEXY. However, Santa DID also see fit to sneak a couple of running jackets under the tree. So there's that.

Playing ball with Zoey, my aunt's dog.
When Zoey would take the ball,
Lucy would indignantly say "PLEASE! ZOEY!"

Lucy got all manner of brightly colored plastic toys (which she fondly calls her Tooooooieeees.) from her godfather and cousin and great-aunt, and she's been in Heh-Ven ever since going from one to another ever since.

It's a little sad to know that my Sugar Plum Fairy won't be dancing to carols for another year!

Can you believe that not one pic of all of our Christmas merry-making includes yours truly? Or the Bubba and I together? We were so excited to capture all Lucy's fun we didn't even think about it, I guess.

The Bubba is on vacation/furlough this week, and we've stocked up on library books and recipes and plan to eat and read our way through the week. We've made resolutions to run every day that he's home, and so far so good.

We also have big plans to actually make it to midnight this year on New Year's Eve. I'll let you know.


maggie said...

Wait - WHY wouldn't I want this video posted? I'm sure it is AWESOME.

Kate P said...

That sounds like a great Christmas (teething aside)! Only 1/2 hour to go here for New Year's--hope you all are still standing. :) Happy New Year!!!