Monday, November 30, 2009

To Do List - Updated

Whew. The child is asleep and I have a moment to myself. I didn't think that was going to happen today. Lucy must have had a wonderful baby-centric weekend, because I can't do anything today that doesn't involve being directly in her face entertaining her, and if I fail in this fundamental duty, she stands at the kitchen door crying for Dada. I get it, kid. I'm not measuring up to the FUN parent that was here for four whole days! Sigh.

Nap time today was supposed to be dedicated to mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors. *Snort.*

I do believe I'll be eating a "Thanksgiving sandwich" (I'm not the only one that does this am I? Turkey and stuffing and potatoes and gravy if it's awesome between slices of bread? Mmmmm. The Bubba thinks I'm mental.), knitting on some Christmas projects and watching whatever is on the TV. I've got to recharge for what is bound to be Round Two with Lulu this afternoon.

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Kate P said...

I think that sandwich is called "The Gobbler" at Wawa (major convenience store) out here in Pennsylvania. You're not crazy--that's creative!

The Cat felt the same way Lucy did--how dare I do stuff like leave for work and unload the mean dishwasher after loafing around home several days in a row?