Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rain, Rain

This morning it was as dark as the middle of the night when we got up. We've been super spoiled the last few days in that it's been starting out all welcoming and sunny. I've been able to get out for a run in the sunshine, make a to-do list, and get my attitude in order before the rain set in for the afternoon.

I didn't have the luxury of a ray of sunshine coming through my bedroom window to inspire a cheerful disposition this morning, so I'm relying entirely on the coffee pot. And thinking that we might stay in our jammies all day long.

But today is Thursday, and that means I go out to a cocktail party blogger event with Carrie this evening at a fancy-schmancy bar downtown. I am super excited about going out with my girlfriend despite the two obvious drawbacks: 1) People I don't know and will have to talk to! (I briefly considered taking the bus because of the Uncomfortable Drinking that might take place. But then, I remembered Carrie'll be there!) And 2) having to try on every stitch of clothing that I own looking for the perfect outfit. OR perhaps I'll settle for an outfit that fits and doesn't fall into the category of Oga-yay Ants-pay. Cue nervous excitement. I haven't been away from Lucy or home for anything FUN in ages! And definitely nothing I wore makeup or did my hair for.

As I'm typing this, Lucy is standing on the couch looking out the window singing, "Rain, rain! Rain away! Rain, rain! Rain away!" Somehow she finds a way to make me laugh every day. Even if she is a naughty monkey-worm all the rest of the time.

Coffee, something to look forward to, and a funny kid? Well, today might turn into an okay day after all!


Carrie said...

It's 8:45 AM, I've had one cup of coffee and see MANY more in my future. But, am so excited about tonight and you will be fine and will love everyone. Seattle Mom Bloggers rock. :)

Kate P said...

Dear Lizzie, please send Lu to come chant away the rain here on the East Coast. Thank you. :)

Lindsay said...

coffee is a GREAT thing to look forwar too. Its my favorite ritual of the morning.

Ashley said...

I just found your blog from Carrie's blog! Yeah, seriously the rain this week has been insane. And it's WINDY rain too, which makes it even more nutty!