Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is a really fun time for us. Lucy is learning a new word every day, it seems, and he has a sense of humor to go with it. She’s taking one nap a day and that frees up our schedule to get out and do fun things!

Today we’re at the grocery store getting produce and some other last minute things for our pot-luck Thanksgiving with friends.

Lucy: Noooo?

Me: What. What, no?

Lucy: Noooo? Uuuuuuh.

Me: Do you want to hold these crackers?

Lucy: CACKAH! CACKAH! Mieh? Mieh!

Me: Mama didn’t bring any milk with us. We’ll have to wait until we get home.

Lucy: (more insistant) MIEH! Mo. Mo. Mo. Mieh!

Me: (grabbing stuff and throwing it into the cart because I realize that my time is now limited) (In a sing-songy voice) Milk at home! We’ll go in the car! And it’ll take us home! And then we’ll drink some milk!

Lucy: MAMA! MIEH! CACKAH! SNAH [snack]! MIEH! (makes sign for “please” furiously on her chest)

Me: (a little manic maybe) One more thing! We only need one more thing! Can you see where the cereal is? What kind of cereal do you and Dada want this week? Huh? Cheerios? Can you see the bumblebee? Where’s the bumblebee? What does a bumblebee say?

Lucy: (as we wait in line at the cashier) Huh,huh,huh [her fake cry] Mieh, Mama. (in a small pathetic voice like she’s never going to have milk ever again.) snah. peee.

Me: Almost done! Almost! Almost! (plays patta-cake with Lucy)

(Done at the grocery store. Back in the kitchen chez nous.)

Lucy: (After a drink of milk. Head down on the floor as I put the grocery bags by the counter and think about lunch for the baby) Huh,huh,huh. Owwwww. Nooooo. Noooo? (peeking up at me to make sure I know she’s deeply depressed.)

Me: Sounds to me like someone needs some more ketchup in their diet. Ketchup has natural feel-good agents to help you stay positive throughout your day! What do you say we have a big helping of ketchup for lunch?

Lucy: Kat-uh!

Garrison Keillor: Ketchup. For the good times.


Carrie said...

:) So cute!

Dr. Maureen said...


She Likes Purple said...

Hilarious! She couldn't be cuter if she tried. It'd be impossible!

barbetti said...

What Jennie said.

She looks so much like you. I hope she gets your sense of humor.

Kate P said...

Ketchup *is* one of the four food groups. As is frosting.

Lisa said...

Ha! Olivia will eat anything if we coat it in ketchup.