Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Idle Hands? I Think Not.

I've been a knitting fiend lately. So much so that I haven't even taken photos of some of the things I've made before sending them off as gifts. Hats, mostly. I love hats. Baby hats, big people hats.

I just finished this:

Ready to go!

Maybe it's just me, but isn't that the CUTEST HAT EVER?? My girl was looking awfully grown up lately, and I needed something that still screamed BABY. It's even more fun that she likes it and keeps it on. She'll even let me know when the ties come undone. I am currently two rows into matching mittens.

Can I just show you what my desk looks like right now?

Yarn, notions, books of knitting patterns, half completed projects!

Piles. Piles of yarn. Tweed and variegated, sock yarn and wool. On the left is a brown hat, the pink is for mittens. On the right is the yarn for yet another hat, the beginnings of a blue short sleeve sweater - I think I'm about to the boobs - and then some yarn I THOUGHT was going to be for the hat that the brown yarn ended up perfect for.

My stash is normally stored on the top of the wardrobes in Lucy's room in two big flat tupperware containers. Lately, I've been going through it once a week or so and pulling out anything that inspires me. If you have ever known a Knitter, you know the gravity of this situation. I have yarn in little piles all over the house and not just in the designated stash area. Above the requisite baby-proof hight, of course. My husband is incredibly magnanimous about all the little balls and skeins cluttering the top of the piano and the higher book shelves.

And maybe his dresser top.

And perhaps his side of the closet.

Oh, come on. Knitting is a state of BEING, people.

I have so many projects in my queue, and they're not even Christmas projects yet! It's the cool weather and the dark. It's like a Pavlovian response to winter. Must knit. Must knit. Hands empty. Not good. Yarn! Yarn! Yarn! Ok, so maybe in my head it sounds more like a one-track record like in that Beggin' Strips commercial.

So that's what I've been doing lately. What about you? Any winter projects you work on? Any fun patterns you're dying to share with me?


barbetti said...

I'm jealous of your mad knitting skills. Dublin's head is in the 98th percentile, therefore his body is a stick figure in proportion and I cannot, for the life of me, find a hat that keeps his ears warm and, I don't know, actually fits?

I wish I was as skilled as you, for real.

annie said...

Liz! She is so adorable. And I LOVE your desk! I agree with Whitney - you've got some mad knitting skills. Beautiful work!

maggie said...

I was thinking of starting a project called Make Maggie Something Fabulous but my knitting skillz aren't quite up to par. Perhaps you'd like to take it on?

Kate P said...

That is one cool hat. Pom-pom and all. (I have never knitted. Is it hard to learn? I'm not very coordinated! I can type and do paper crafts--the upcoming project is the annual Thanksgiving poster project with the kids.)

I did, however, mention to my mom when we were out walking the other day that I needed to get out my Lizzie-hand-crafted handwarmers.

Manda said...

I wish I could do that!!

Lisa said...

Your child has the most gorgeous blue eyes.

Dr. Maureen said...

That is the CUTEST HAT EVER and I want one. :)