Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Dance

We slept through the night, wooo-hooo! Sleeping through the night is awesome! Weeeee-hoooo! I woke up not tired, Waaaaa-hoooo! I love sleep! Uh-uh-uh-huh! ...

That's a little ditty I just made up right now. You can put it to your own music and it's proabably not different from what I'm singing right now. I made it up all by myself. To sing while I do this happy dance I've been busting out all morning. You see, the night sleeping. It has not been ideal. BUT! Yesterday, the incisor poked all the way through and the left bottom molar seems to be taking a short little hiatus since all the points poked through.

I know, I know, you're probably all sick to absolute DEATH of me talking about teething. BUT THESE TEETH! Why couldn't she have started teething as a 5 or 6 month old like any normal human being? In which case we'd already be DONE with the teething and the badness would have fallen at a time when the night waking was a little bit more common anyway.

But whatever! I'm counting my blessings for right this very moment and the big fat number one is having slept NINE hours last night without interruption.

Do you know what that means? It means I could exercise today instead of feeling like death on toast. It means I might just every so gently encourage Lucy to play with her toys instead of freaking out and screeching at her when she tries to empty the garbage can all over the kitchen floor. It means I'll have the patience to point out the bubbles and the toothbrushes and the soap in the Bath Book a bazillion times. I'll have the energy in the afternoon to make the soup I planned for dinner! In short, I'm pretty sure it means a better day for everyone.



Carrie said...

Hurray for sleep!

Amy --- Just A Titch said...

Definitely something to celebrate!

SB said...

I could not agree more!! Yeah for Sleep!! Yeah for yet another tooth!! I have a 1 year old and we are right in the midst of teething and not sleeping through the night (still). I cherish those mornings when I wake up and realize I have been sleeping more than 4 hours at a time, without interruption!! I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm a midwestern girl too (Iowa) that now lives in NC. Hope you have a great day!