Monday, November 2, 2009


I would love to post pics from this weekend of Trick-or-Treating! I took pictures of the cutest little Lucy in her lady bug costume with her candy bucket slung around her head like a trough. There was one of the lady bug driving her toy truck. There was even a pic of a construction lady bug wearing Daddy's hard hat and coloring at his desk at work.

Except. They no longer exist.

My hard drive fried. I lost everything on my computer. I learned a lesson today. A stupid effing lesson that I didn't want to learn. Nothing at all was salvagable. I went to the Apple store and wiped a tear when the fixit nerd broke the news. I asked if there were some specialist that I could talk to about getting my pictures. I don't care much about anything else. The pictures, though. Those were important to me. He said, "There might be, but it wouldn't do any good. You're not going to get anything off of here."

And then I listed everything else in my brain. The preliminary stuff for my business. I'm pretty sure my partner has all the same stuff saved somewhere. Taxes. I printed out copies of that. Ooooh. What happens to all the money I spent on iTunes? Crap. But those PHOTOS.

I feel like such a dumbass for not backing everything up. And I even THOUGHT about doing it. I have CD-Rs and DVD+Rs right here. Here on my desk. Within reach right now. Ready for me to back everything up! I'd think, "I'll do it next time I'm on. Or tonight when I'm not doing anything." I just never ACTUALLY did it. Which, just for the record, doesn't count even a little bit when it comes right down to it.

I didn't lose EVERYTHING. I mean, there are the pictures that I posted on my blog. There are the pictures I loaded onto Facebook. But the others. Oh, I'm going to miss those. The pictures of my brand new little baby. Video of her first squeaks getting washed in the hospital. Pics of my red, sweaty, crying face when I saw Lu for the first time. I didn't want to put these on the blog for everybody to see. Those were just for us.

I'll always remember those things. I've got that going for me, at least. And no grievous bodily harm was caused by the frying of the laptop. The house didn't burn down or anything. And from that lesson, I have an order number for an external hard drive that will prevent future heartbreak a in similar fashion.

It doesn't make me much less sad right now, though.


Carrie said...

That post made me cry! I would be heartbroken too. I'm so sorry :(

Amy --- Just A Titch said...

Oh, Lizzie. I am tearing up for you. I am sure you've already thought of this, but have you called any independent recovery places? I had a friend who had the Apple store tell her the same thing, but this company was able to retrieve and convert the data. Yes, for a pretty penny, but it was worth it.

I'm so sorry, friend. Lots of love.

Amber Theiss said...

Lizzie I am so sorry! I too have lost all my photos and I know how much it hurts. We lost almost all our pictures of Hannah when she was a baby. I wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. *big hugs*

Morgan S. said...

I am so sorry this happened to you. I only lost a small fraction of my photos from when Brooke was about one when my MAC died and it broke my heart. HUGS, HUGS, HUGS. I have an external drive that I back up to and I still lie awake at night wondering if THAT will eat my photos, too.

Lisa said...

If you still have it, put your hard drive in the freezer. Then call every computer guy you know and find one who will try. Our computer guy saved 80% of our files when our hard drive crashed a few months ago. He is AWESOME and got stuff I didn't think he'd get. He said the freezer extends the life of whatever memory you have left until it can be retrieved. Try, try, try. And never use your hard drive as permanent memory for your camera files. I always put mine somewhere else as primary back-up...but we had a bad hard drive with our first computer, so I knew it was a possibility.

Kate P said...

Oh, honey, that SUCKS.

You may recall that I was in the same place a few months ago. I spent a couple hundred on a clean lab retrieval, and that didn't yield a ton, but I was grateful for the little I got.

Manda said...

This really and truly makes me want to barf. I'm so, so sorry Lizzie. This happened to me when I was pregnant. And now I am off to back up my photos. :(

She Likes Purple said...

Oh, Liz, I .... I have no words at all. This is ridiculously unfair. I hope you can take it somewhere to recover something.

I'm heartbroken for you.