Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Photos: Again!

The Bird. I'm letting her hair grow out to see which way it parts.
Mostly it grows straight, straight, and more straight directly off her head.
But it seems to part on the right in the back and on the left in the front. ???

Fun surprises in the sweetest care package from a darling friend.

Lu's new hiding spot. I had to move the desk chair to take the pic.

Daddy and his clone. Seriously. His family claims not to see it, but aren't they IDENTICAL? Well, apart from my nose on there? IDENTICAL.


Manda said...

Yep, they look like TWINS!!

Kate P said...

Ha, I guessed your nose before I got to your caption at the bottom!

I love Lu's new Fortress of Solitude.

Annie said...

Yup. IDENTICAL. I think it's funny that his family "can't" see it...Tim's family takes credit for every single look, attribute, characteristic, mannerism, skin tone, expression, get my point. EVERY SINGLE ONE.