Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There's Light!

I'm pretty sure I've been ignoring my child for the past two and a half weeks.

I play with her, I feed her, I change her diaper, but I've grown this thick wall of indifference in order to weather the repercussions to cutting eight teeth at once, which manifest themselves in the Whine and also the Crab and also the Happy-to-Sobbing Mood Swings. I have adopted the discipline theory of "Choose Not To Care" because really, everything would be a miserable fight if I was enforcing every rule. These are very naughty teeth.

Two of the molars are now all the way through, we're still waiting on the inside points of the top left molar, and the bottom left hasn't cut at all yet. And then there are still the incisors being little white lines beneath the surface of the gums waiting to do their worst. So we're still very much in the throes of teething. But now the drool is the only side effect, it seems. (On a side note: Every once in a while I will hear her slurp her drool so it doesn't spill over her lips. She is VERY fastidious about being dirty or wet. Ha!) Somehow my kid has a good attitude again, and this without copious amounts of pain reliever.

It was like I woke up from a nap. A little groggy and a little blurry wondering where I was and why my kid was being so fun.

She plays with her toys for chunks of time without interaction! She runs at me with open arms every once in a while for a kiss and a cuddle! She reads her books to me and sits still while I read to her! And best of all? I can put her in her cage (pack-n-play) while I shower or run down to the basement to change the laundry and she PLAYS HAPPILY WITH TOYS while I do it. This child! She seems like my laid-back girl again!

It made me pause and think, "When did this happen?" Was I so numb that I didn't notice my kid being so fun to hang out with? Have I been missing days of fun baby while I was in my Survival Coma? Or did this just manifest today when she woke up? I'm leaning toward the latter so that the guilt doesn't kill me.

I understand that you cannot be nearly as excited about this as I am. You probably didn't even believe me when I told you how naughty she has been and what a challenge it was for my sanity and my patience and my will to live. You probably just remember how incredibly laid back my baby is, right. I could always brag on Lucy being good sleeper and a happy baby. She never cried (Never? My memory isn't THAT affected even if YOURS is.) except to communicate some pressing need. But there were were the teeth. The age of pushing. The combination. Oh my.

But yesterday she played so nicely with friends that I didn't want them to leave. And I'm happy that we're going out to see more friends at a kid-friendly coffee shop today. Because she's so CUTE! And also? Fun!

And she'll tell you so herself:


Let's go ahead and all say a little prayer that this phase is one that lasts.




Lisa said...

Such a conversationalist! Sweet!

barbetti said...

LOL. You make me laugh! "Interesting..." "Oh really?..."

She is seriously, SO cute. Can I partake in munching on those cheeks?

Manda said...

I love it. Sydney totally agrees with everything that Lucy just said, including the part about chemical formulas and that teething molars really sucks butt.

Tara said...

Eight teeth at once?! Good golly. Molars are THE WORST. If I ever have another baby I'm ordering one that comes with teeth no matter how weird it would look.