Monday, October 26, 2009


That means awesome in Lucy speak.

Our weekend was divine. It included lots of lying around reading while the baby napped, taking long walks in the sunshine, hanging out with friends, an awesome long run, and generally a good mix of Doing Stuff and Relaxing. Is there anything better? I maintain that there is not.

I baked a pumpkin cake in pyrex bowls to make a pumpkin - pumpkin cake. It turned out so incredibly awesome that I have to tell you all about it.


Actually, no. Just go get the recipe and then make it. Right now. Seriously, you’ve been missing out on this your whole life, and now you’ll be able to see the light. First I thought it was the caramel cream cheese frosting, but then, no. It’s the cake! No, both together. Mmmmmm. Guuuuuuh. Do it.

I do have one warning, though. Do not have a pumpkin beer and a slice of pumpkin cake and perhaps some candy corn or a couple bites of apple tart in place of lunch and expect to live the rest of the day as a normal human person. About two hours after I indulged, I felt like hot barf. I had not only a psudo-hangover from the empty-tummy beer, but I also had a wicked sugar hangover that left me a complete and utter werewolf.

When we got home, I decided that I really needed some other food in my belly before the police had to come investigate some sort of grizzly murder chez Center of the Universe. So while I put Lu to bed, I made my Bubba go get some ready-made food and then hollered at him –slash – gave him the silent treatment (first one then the other) for a good minute because he brought back grocery store frozen Chinese food that wouldn’t be ready to eat for 20 minutes. I won’t be making that mistake again any time soon. The beer and sugar, I mean. Not the yelling at the Bubba. That I'll probably repeat at some point in my natural life.

And now for your moment of Zen:

Lucy wore her costume to the pumpkin carving party our friends had on Saturday afternoon. My favorite part was how excited she was that all the carved pumpkins had “hats” that she could take off and put back on. So sweet.


Holly said...

Honestly, could she get any cuter? So adorable. Thanks again for the cake recipe -- I'm having some friends from work over on Sunday to watch football -- well the boys will be watching football -- and I'm going to make this. Can't wait!

Carrie said...

Caramel cream cheese frosting? OH MY GOODNESS!!!

Dr. Maureen said...

That cake is ADORABLE. And sounds delicious. I have bookmarked the recipe.

Kate P said...

That is a cool looking cake. I'm glad the imminent pumpkin murder/barfing was averted!

I'm with Lu--hats are fun.

barbetti said...

I am so thankful you explained this to me on Facebook, because I am so dense, seriously.

And caramel cream cheese??? WHERE IS MY CAKE, WOMAN? I'll be by my mailbox, waiting.

And hey, I lost your number. I've been wanting to call and chat you up, but lo, my caller i.d. deleted you. THE FIEND.

Manda said...

I am totally going to print out that recipe.
Love the photo Lucy! She has the SWEETEST FACE! NOM NOM NOM!
Captcha: lucibali
Coincidence? NO!