Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Photos: Mish-Mash

Strutting her stuff in her new fall wardrobe.

A very busy woman! Lucy has her cell and a board book and a plastic sheep. Ready for work!

I just finished this double knit reversible hat for Lucy. And even though it's not perfect (it was my maiden voyage in double knitting and there were a couple of snafus), I LOVE IT. It's called Bird On A Wire, which I think is perfect for our Birdie.

Is it just me, or is there a SERIOUS lack of clothing for little girls with trucks on it? Lucy picked out this coverall to wear today with her trucks on it.


Morgan S. said...

Oh my GOSH. That first photo is tooo cute! She looks so much older in that photo compared to the ones below. And I love that hat you knit for her, it is adorable.

Lisa said...

You are so talented. Seriously! And she is too cute. LOVE the boots.

Manda said...

That girl is WORKIN' IT! Ha ha! Syd loves to play with my old purse too. It's fun until she tries to get at my REAL wallet and purse. Then? UGH.
Love the double-knitting. You really are a knitting superstar!

Amy --- Just A Titch said...

Lucy is so cute in that plaid skirt and boots. Oh my gosh. And YOU are a knitting superstar! Impressive!


Kate P said...

I love the bird pattern on the hat--Lu makes a great model!

And it's kinda funny how she almost could fit herself into that purse.

barbetti said...

I agree, Knitting Superstah! For sure.

And yes, I say it all the time, but she is so cute. I can see a lot of you in her.

Shelby said...

Oh my gosh, I love that hat! Go you, with the double knitting! And the first one of her, with the model pose? I'm dying of the cute!