Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Photos: The Impossible Possible

Lu is growing so darn fast. And she surprises me every day with stuff that she picks up. Yesterday I taught her how to fist-bump after she put one block on top of another. Ivy league, baby. Ivy league.

If I could just get in here, I could put more books in the toilet.

When we got this warm-up outfit from our friend Anders last year, I thought it would NEVER fit her. (GO SVERIGE!)

And another thing I never thought she would wear? These little orange Crocs. We got these as a baby shower gift, and my head exploded trying to imagine a little person wearing them one day. And now she loves them so much that she threw a fit when I tried to take them off for her nap.


She Likes Purple said...

Lord, that child is cute. I remember looking into a toddler room at Kyle's day care when he was 6 weeks old thinking, HE WILL NEVER BE THAT BIG. He's halfway there. Sigh.

barbetti said...

Look at her face! I bet she gets pretty much whatever she wants.

It's funny, the majority of the baby clothing I received at my shower was all 2T, 3T....and I remember thinking, "He won't fit into those for FOREVER." But of course, the kid is 4 months and is wearing size 9-12. So there you go.

Manda said...

Sydney hates shoes, hates her cute pink Crocs! She wore her slippers a bit this morning ... that was progress. The key in the door! HA! I don't even let Syd anywhere near the kitchen or bathroom. Which is probably why she screams at me most of the day. MAMA IS BORING.

Kate P said...

Growing like a weed! Must be all that cheese.

I can't get over that she protests having to take her shoes off. That is true shoe love.

Kristie said...

Next you're going to need to teach her to blow it up after the fist bump. It's hilarious watching a toddler blow it up.