Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Photos: Happy Halloween!


Lucy has become obsessed with BUBBLES! and will often discuss them at length with her toys. BONUS - you can see one of her molars in this pic. Four little front teeth and then molars. She skipped the other four incisors entirely. What's that all about?

THIS is how you wear it.

Lu showed her brain wave scrambler to my sweet friend and running partner (who is obviously adequately impressed).

Jack-o-Lanterns! (The one on the far right is mine.)

Lucy has a special trick-or-treat event over the lunch hour at Daddy's work today. The kids get some treats and get to have lunch with their parents. But 12-1 is right at naptime, so today involves coercing the child to take a nap this morning. I best get on that.

We hope all of you have a happy and safe Halloween!


-R- said...

I love the pictures. Lucy looks like a fun kid to hang out with.

She Likes Purple said...

Oh that first picture. I saw awww right out loud and my co-worked was instantly suspicious of my actual working claims.

Kate P said...

Cool punkins! I hope trick-or-treating at the office was fun.